front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Moving On and Surviving

 It has been a long time between posts for me. Lots of things have changed. Mostly for the better and others are still stuck in the mud.

Ebay has taken a back seat for me. It is just on auto-pilot for the time being. I still enjoy ebay but I haven't been able to shop and source for inventory for a long time. I have mountains of inventory but I also have other priorities at the moment. 

I did sell my home in December. Thank goodness it was before the panic of Covid 19 hit. I got a great price and my realtor was fantastic. We had an offer from the 3rd family that looked at it after only 8 days on the market. Of course there were some minor things from the inspection that needed to be done, but that only took a few days. I already had another house that we had moved to when SweetiePie was so sick that stairs were a hazard. I'm working on that now so I can make it more comfortable and make it "my own". Right in the middle of a tear down of the kitchen for remodeling. Making do with the microwave, a toaster oven and eating out!! The wait will be worth all the hassle and having more than 4 sq ft of countertop space will be heaven.

I have also been working on a new project for a new adventure. I have purchased an old church bus, shuttle bus type, for converting to an RV. I have pretty much got it ready and I have taken it for a test run at a campsite at Carolina Beach (NC). Everything was pretty much working as it should. Just a few tweaks to be done.

Working on getting solar for the roof so I can be a little more independent with the travel. Looking forward to getting on the road when everything gets a little more normal. (fingers crossed).

I love to travel. Traveling was not something that SweetiePie enjoyed. He didn't like the beach either so now I have the opportunity to travel, go to the beach and all over the US.

These photos show almost ready. The glue in the ceiling was drying.

Pink Flamingo window insulation covering!! Almost ready in this photo. I don't have any photos of the completed interior with the bed and curtains up.

Happy trails!!


  1. I like your little bus. If you ever make it to central Wisconsin look me up. Happy travels

    1. Will do...plan on going to Mt Rushmore hopefully next year. Still in shakedown mode on "Big Mama". Learning how to camp in a bus is so much different than tent camping. My friend calls it glamping.
      Stay safe!!!

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