front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Yes, I sell on ebay.

No, I don't lie to or cheat people.I try very hard to get all my listings accurate and take clear,  close up pictures that show detail.

Yes, I am human and I make mistakes. Don't you?

Yes, I admitted in my first response to your message that  I made a mistake. I didn't see the holes.

Yes, I think a 50% refund, and you keep the sheet, is a reasonable amount to refund for two small holes  on the side of the sheet made by a price tag.

No, I think a $20 refund for a $24.99 purchase is not a fair refund for two 1/8" holes.

No, you can not have my personal email because you claim you can't upload pictures on ebay.

Oh, and next time, get closer to the holes so I can actually see them. Three feet away to see two holes that are 1/8" (your measurement, not mine) in diameter is a little too far away.

And one more thing. Ironing a patch of cloth on these holes will not fix them. The patch will eventually come off in the dryer and the holes will get larger (you will blame me) and the "integrity of the fabric" (your words, not mine) will be compromised.

And finally, my SweetiePie is so glad that you finally sent the pictures, so I could send the refund, so he doesn't have to hear all about your latest opinion of my character.

Oh, have a nice day :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


As an ebay seller I often scroll my listings to see what people are watching. I know that most of the watchers are probably other ebay sellers watching to see if mine sells and if they need to raise or lower their prices. I guess that's part of ebay.

But yesterday I was scrolling through my list and saw a view count of 110. Wow that's a lot of views for something that has only been listed for a few days. What in the world could it be?

When I found this I thought it was cute. Someone has one listed for $35, which I think is a little crazy but they may get that price. I don't think so.
Mine is cute, clean and pre-owned. I dislike the term ebay uses for some things as used. How they decide to use pre-owned for some listing and used for others is beyond me.

My guess for the view count is my title. I listed him as Super Hero Bear. Must be coming up when Halloween items are being looked at. Hey...that's a plus.