front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, July 26, 2013


Could someone explain this to me? 

I had a black duvet cover that I purchased with a down comforter inside. I took out the down comforter and made a pretty penny on it. Then I was left with this very black duvet cover. It had down feathers on the inside and as soon as I walked in the door at home all of the cat hair in the house decided to live on the comforter.

I ran it through the laundry and hung it out on the line to dry. Still has cat hair. I doubt if I could ever get it all off of that dang black duvet.

I listed it this morning after some research into what they were going for. It was a Target Room Essentials, but it was in very good condition although not new in package. I checked and it seemed that $11.99 was the going rate for this color, NIP. But one little thing, they wanted anywhere from $8-12 shipping. Huh?

Now don't swoon over my fantastic photo. This is the only
picture I put in my listing. I mean, its black. What can you
see on a black comforter besides cat hair?

So, I listed it EUC for $12.99. And it just sold!  I did put a disclaimer about the cat hair and I plan on trying to get more off before I ship. But I think I done good!!!

I can ship a complete set of twin sheets in a flat rate envie. A twin duvet is not as big as a set of sheets. I do realize that I have an advantage that it was not in the original package, which has cardboard inserts and is folded small and is thick.

But jeeze Louise, I get zapped for being $2 over on shipping and some folks are asking twice as much.

**For those of you that don't remember I Love Lucy, Ricky was always saying to Lucy, "Luuucee, you got some 'splaining to do" when she got into trouble.

PS: I was making sure that all possible cat hair was removed before shipping the duvet. I thought that putting the cover in the dryer would get the hair off. Big joke. So I hung the cover on the clothes line and went to work with tape. After about 20 minutes of "perspiring like a pig" (hey, its hot here-90 degrees at 10am.) I had the cover relatively clean.
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So, half a roll of tape later it was good to go. I hope I don't get zapped for the bit of cat hair that is probably still hiding on the duvet cover. I sure am glad it's going to someone else house. I have enough cat hair magnets in my house.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have been sitting here sweating, perspiring, (ladies perspire) and it occurred to me that it is super hot outside. I know, sometimes it takes me a while to notice things. Like the fact it has been 90+ for the last gazillion days, with humidity to match. But in the last few days I have mailed out several Christmas and cold weather items.
Like these:
Black Leather Camper boots, to Switzerland
 These leather boots are definitely for cold weather and the day I shipped them it was 93. But I'm sure that the new owner in Switzerland will get lots of wear from them. Had them listed for less than a day, about 12 hours, and they were gone. A brand I didn't know much about, but when I picked them up I could tell from the feel of the leather that they were a good brand.Leather like buttah!! Camper brand, made in Morocco.

Had two of these and sold both withing the last 2 days
Blowmold Santa from the 50-60's

 When I picked these Santa decorations up my daughter asked me what in the world I wanted with "those things". I can't wait to tell her how much I sold them for!! Silly old me remembers this kind of kitsch from the 50's and 60's. Really cheaply made in Taiwan or Japan but all the rage for a while.

I remember being so disappointed at an estate sale in town at an older lady's home. When we got there the place was sparkling clean. Nothing left but furniture, some random kitchen items and oh yeah! a pristine set of Pyrex primary color bowls for $4. I was standing under the carport talking to Bruce, the sale guy and next door neighbor, and I commented that I didn't see any Christmas stuff. You would expect that a person would accumulate lots of Christmas stuff over the years, especially with children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and friends. He said, "Oh yeah there were boxes and boxes of that stuff in the basement. I threw most of it in the dump."(Note to self: Make friends with Bruce. Offer to "help" at the next estate sale)

This cold weather treat went to Australia. I can see this
type of item selling there now since they are having
winter now.

I thought this snowman mug was so cute. It would be a good little gift filled with packets of hot chocolate. Before I did my research, Hallmark mugs, I thought that maybe a piece was missing. Like a head shaped mug on top of the scarf to make a set of two. But not the case.So, again, do your research.

So it just goes to prove that it is best to keep all kinds of things in your store because you never know what someone is looking for. I'm getting ready now to start with Halloween and fall stuff and then more winter stuff. Just stuff and more stuff.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


This has been the worst week on ebay for me in a long time. Nothing much is moving. What is selling is totally random and off the wall. The first week in months that I have had two days with no sales.

After a reasonably decent weekend with 6 sales over the weekend, no sales on Monday, two on Tuesday, none on Wednesday and two on Thursday. I'm writing this on Friday, and no sales yet.

I'm blaming it on the 40,000 free listing demon.

I received a message from ebay, at 11pm on Sunday, that "yeah" you have 40,000 free listing between July 8-July 12. I couldn't list 40,000 things in that amount of time if I listed 24 hours a day. Plus, I have lots of stuff but I would have had to have the pictures and measurements ready to go in order to do any listings in a reasonable amount of time. I think ebay counts on you not being prepared so you can't take advantage of the total amount of "free" listings.

And, if I did list 40,000 items this month, what would I do next month? Relist all of them? Just pick 500 that I thought would sell? Pay 10c per item to relist? Oh sure, I would pick the 10c option, that's only $4000!!! I think ebay just wants to suck me into listing more.

So far since ebay has had their 500 free listing per month for my store I have been at 500 per month or just under by 1 or 2. Could that be why my sales are suffering? Ebay sees that I'm not spending extra to list and I am on their "crap list"? I have over 600 in my store as of today and I wasn't planning on listing all of the items I had that had expired. Some have been listed a year or so and not sold, some are just plain not going to sell unless I give them away, and some will sell. Next month when all of these listing come up I will be brutal and
cut my losses and just donate them.

I am busy getting my school and fall and Christmas stuff in line to list so I have to make room for some things. I find it much easier to justify paying 10c to list a Halloween costume or a winter coat or a cashmere sweater than a vintage doo-dad that will sit for months waiting for the right person to come along.

Here is what went out the door this week:
Bonanza, first sale in months
Bud Gnawood, plush, 50c sold $18
Bud Gnawood, he chirps and talks with tags
Women silk blouse, 25c, sold $16
Dinosaur sheet set, twin, with a repaired rip, $2, sold $15
Woolrich cotton sweater, $1, $22
Roastin Post, grill accessory $1, $15

Fill with Coke, the soft drink kind,
stick up a chicken's butt, place
on grill. It was new
And I don't do free shipping. Of course I shouldn't complain. I made over 18 times my original investment, not counting the fees. Needless to say I didn't meet my goal of $100 a day!!

On another note. Ebay wisdom strikes again.

A buyer bought a polo shirt well before Fathers Day and didn't receive it by that Sunday. She opened a did not receive case. I checked USPS and they attempted delivery, left a notice, and when it was not picked up it was sent back to the sorting facility and then it went back out and was delivered on Monday, the 17th. Ebay closed the case by refunding the buyers money. What? Didn't affect me, but geeze are they stupid? It clearly showed on the case review (on ebay) that the shirt was delivered on the 17th and some customer rep refunded anyway? The only good thing is ebay didn't take the refund from my funds.

Oh, well!! I did get stuff listed and relisted and I guess I'll just have to be happy until ebay decides they like me again. (Please don't let me do anything to piss them off!!!)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So you every have cravings for something? I mean even if you aren't pregnant.

Last week I had to have some ice cream. Didn't need it, but had to have some.

We don't buy many sweets on most trips to the grocery store. If I buy ice cream I will eat it. Even in little bowls it still is extra calories that I don't burn off sitting at the computer.

Last Thursday I had been busy all day. Four loads of laundry hung on the line to dry. Then they didn't quite get dry and I had to put them in the dryer for 10 minutes. But I got them all dry and folded and made dinner from scratch and just generally busy. I wanted ice cream.

Sweetie Pie said, "go get some". You don't have to tell me twice.

On the way to get ice cream, I remembered Sonic has their milkshakes for half price after 8pm. Well, since it was after 9 I was good to go. Now Sonic is not my first choice for ice cream. But I had two things going for me. One, controlled portion and I could only consume what was in the cup. Two, they were half price. 

When I ordered I forgot to say no whipped cream. Big mistake.There was enough of the white stuff to fill up at least a 1 cup measuring cup. And no cherry :( So when I got home I scooped the "whipped cream" off the top and just dumped it in the sink drain thinking it would just dissolve. Thought no more about it and enjoyed my milk shake.
What is this stuff? and what is it doing going into my body. 

I'm sorry I didn't get a picture but it never occurred to me that it would still be "fresh" in the morning. When I touched it with my finger and rubbed them together it felt like Crisco.....yuck.

Next time I'll go buy ice cream at the grocery store. At least it doesn't come with a Crisco topping.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Last weekend was a bust on the yard sale circuit. Not very many sales in my area. And it looked like rain. I hit a few sales and picked up a few things.

New Stephen Joseph backpack, Pyrex flamewear, Rolodex

So, I headed to SmartA**'s house to work on her kitchen cabinets. We got the first coat of paint on the outside of the cabinets and needed time to let it dry so we decided to visit a nearby thrift store. She has been looking for something industrial to upcycle into a light over her kitchen sink. 

We were on the way when we saw a sign at a thrift that we had been to before. "Everything 50% off". Whoa!! time to make a U-turn.

They closed at 5 and it was after 4, so we had to make a quick sweep of things we were really interested in.
I had commented that I had seen a vacuum coffee pot there earlier and if it was still there I may just pick it up at half price. I really didn't think it would be there, but one can always hope.

Well, the coffee pot was still there. Original price was $25, so that meant $12.50. I still could make a decent profit on that. It had both pots, the seal, but did not have the glass rod or a top lid. I could try to find a glass rod on ebay at maybe a decent price. Into the cart it goes.

In great shape, tags says Cory, but it's a Silex
I had commented to the clerk that at $25 the coffee pot was overpriced, especially since it was missing an essential part that made it work. But for half price I could "try" to find the needed part to make it work. She rang up my stuff and made sure the girl helping her got the coffee pot wrapped. I had 10 pairs of shoes and some other stuff and wasn't paying attention when she told me the total. I just handed her my card, signed the receipt and left.

It was on the way to the car that SmartA** said, "How much did she charge you for that coffee pot?"
I really didn't know. Until I checked the receipt. Holy Crap Batman....25c and then 50% off of that. A whopping 13c. What????? Someone wasn't paying attention, and it wasn't just me.

Now, when we left it was a few minutes after 5 and we were already out of the parking lot when SmartA** looked at the receipt.

Should I feel guilty or not?

We were so excited that we had time to hit another thrift store before heading back to finish painting. I didn't find much but SmartA** found a great vintage sewing machine, heavy duty. Like this. It was half price at $7.50 and needed to be cleaned and sanitized!! But a great buy. She has curtains to fashion for her new residence and this will be perfect, dahling.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Do you recycle?

I do. I try to recycle whatever I can within reason. I try to remember to take cloth bags with me when I shop. I actually feel guilty when I forget to get them out of the car before I go in the store. Senior moments really suck.

When I sell things on ebay I reuse lots of boxes, cardboard, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and such. I save all of my big plastic bags that I get at the thrift store and use them to stuff in shoe toes or sometimes to take stuff back to the thrift store. I don't use packing stuff that smells or is dirty. I have been known to wash bubble wrap before using it.

So when I purchase something on ebay I don't mind if it comes in a used box. But some things I do mind.
A box with poop is towards the top of my list
I purchased something on ebay and it arrived in this box. The outside bar codes were carefully marked over and they had used newspaper inside for cushioning. It was when I removed the newspaper that I saw this. POOP.

Now who would send a box off with an item they sold with poop in it?

Thank goodness the item I purchased was glass and not fabric or something I was going to wear. I immediately put this outside on the deck, because, really who wants a box with poop in their house. The cat handles that job nicely.

I thought long and hard about what kind of feedback to leave. I did get what I purchased. It did arrive rather quickly. It was as described. I was charged excess shipping. So I did leave positive feedback, but also a comment about the excess shipping. When I get over the grossed out  factor I am going to message the seller and let her know about the poop issue. I can't wait to hear the excuse.

This was no new seller. Over 9,000 sales!!! How in the world did this happen? I mean, I reuse boxes. Heck I even shipped something double boxed one time with a popsicle box as the inside box. I save macaroni boxes, Dove soap boxes, and any box that I can use. I regularly visit our local ABC store and get their boxes. But I have never shipped poop before and don't plan on ever shipping poop.

Feel free to go wash your hands now.

Friday, July 5, 2013


As a person who sells regularly on ebay I must ask this question.

Why? Because if I sell on ebay I should know how to sell on ebay.

As it turns out these are two totally different things.

Just because I sell on ebay does not mean I know HOW to sell on ebay.

Mostly I just fly by the seat of my pants and hope for the best. Research is important and sometimes I take several days or a week before I list something if I have a gut feeling that it is good and just can't find anything to back up the feeling.

I have had some good luck on ebay in the past. I have picked up things for cheap and done my research and had good results. Of course, the things I make the most money on are things that take a while to sell.

For example, I had a teak dog that I picked up for $4 and flipped in 33 days for $750.

Such a good puppy!!!!!!

And there was the vintage textbook on the art of visual perception that I picked up for 42c and sold for $142. Sorry, I don't have a picture. It was just an ordinary old, from 1950, textbook that just happens to be THE reference book for visual perception classroom study. But this book took over 9 months to sell. And it sold to a book dealer so I have no idea how much he marked it up to sell to his customer.

And most recently this little liquid treasure.

I picked this little gem up for $1 at a sale for our local museum. Sitting totally out of place on a table with lots of linens and knick knacks and some old hair curlers. It seems that this is the old, original formula and it was sealed, in the original box, and people want it. I "let it go" for $180 which was $20 off the asking price. To a model/actor  in Los Angeles!! And it sold in just under 30 days.

All of this good luck on ebay almost makes up for the jerk potential customer last night. I had a pair of lightly worn but still very wearable Ralph Lauren chinos for sale that had ended on 6-30. Apparently this customer had put them on watch and when I didn't relist right away felt the need to make an offer. Even though that was not an option.I thought, because of the wear(the pockets and hems were frayed), that $10.99 was a very fair price. They were over 13 oz, so I had a flat rate envelope as the shipping method. He was "generous" and offered me $10 and he also wanted free shipping. My response? "Are you serious? If I sold these at this price with free shipping I would loose money. I sell on ebay because I have bills to pay."  His response? "understood". Such a way with words, this little devil ;)

OK so apparently I don't really know how to sell on ebay. According to this guy I should offer free shipping on everything and basically give it away too. Ebay is pushing everyone to offer free shipping. My Mom always told me that nothing is free. Same thing with ebay shipping. I could jack up the price to more than cover my shipping and offer "free" shipping. But I try to stay competitive with my items by offering them at a fair price and reasonable shipping.

After all, gas is expensive for everyone. For the customer who is looking for an item and for me when I go looking for items to sell on ebay.

I guess I just need to learn more about this thing called ebay.