front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Are you having a bad day?

Sales on ebay are in the toilet...

I have more to do than a human person should have to do.

I need two three clones, please...
One for housework, one for yard work and one for ebay. The real me needs to take care of my SweetiePie...

SweetiePie wants to go to "that store you really want to go to"

SweetiePie wants to go to Dairy Queen

I just spent 15 minutes trying to convince a 67 year old man that it is a good thing to go poo, that it's something everybody does.

But SweetiePie just thinks I'm mean.

So if you have had or are having a bad day, week, or year I hope you read this and laugh.

I have to laugh because it's the only way to keep my sanity.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Free stuff, again

As I have said before, I go to the post office every day, by choice. We have a very small post office and most days there are only one or two customers and the clerks in the post office are like friends. In fact I worked with the postmaster at a very different job and we lived in the same subdivision many years ago. So a small Southern town. As we say down here "a wide spot in the road".

Not long ago a customer in line asked me if I sold on eBay. She had some things that she was donating and asked if would I like them. As if turned out they weren't very high in value. But they were free and I did pick out a couple of things to sell. They will be very, very long tail. That doesn't bother me. The worst thing is they are dinnerware and breakable and will require careful packing.

Back to the post office. One clerk asked if I wanted some things that she was donating. She had also taken some items a friend that was moving didn't want and wanted to get rid of them. Fast forward...   I picked them up from her house. Thank goodness there wasn't a lot of glass. But there were a lot of cookbooks. The Sunset, BH&G, Southern Living kind. I checked them and the most expensive was hovering at $4...and that was the top of the ladder!! There were some Spanish natural medicine books that look promising. One was listed for $160 and then marked down to $150. That was the only listing so I'm sure that is an unrealistic price. The other books were in the 25-30 neighborhood. Not a bad neighborhood.
 The stack of cookbooks, damaged silver edged glass bowls, a weird wooden shelf, one brown cup, a glass tree candy jar, vacuum bags with one bag and a piggy bank.
  The two paintings,(there was a framed magazine cut out at the bottom of the picture)a very dirty tackle box, 2 full packs of vacuum bags, an electric grill, scuba shoes, a resin wolf lamp, the Spanish books are in the bottom, a very weak milkshake machine, a painted brass leaf, a Mr Coffee, a handful of (yuck I hate "silk" flowers) silk flowers, an old sink faucet in the new box, a metal wall candle sconce and some funnels.

The most interesting things were two paintings, very different styles. One is a very formal watercolor. In a gold leaf, maybe, frame and very well matted.

  I can't read the name Coponeey?? from 1993, or is that 19,931 copies?

The other an amateur acrylic on canvas. No frame

Is this trash or treasure?

There were also some other things that I am going to keep for future use. A folding, collapsible walker with a carry case and a stable cane, with four feet at the base. Don't need these yet but good to have on hand.

Well time to box up the stuff for donation and get them out of my house