front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Don't need one...

This is what we have this morning.The weatherman said last night that we may get a dusting. So far we are up to 1/2" and down in the teens tonight and then another blast of snow tomorrow.

Looks like I'll be taking photos and listing and not worrying about getting packages out.

We did get the car out yesterday because we knew we needed to get a prescription that wasn't ready yesterday. On the way out to the car our regular postman came by. I only had two packages that I was going to drop by the post office. I flagged him down and asked him if he would take them and told him that I didn't have a bulk list. His reply? "Don't need one".

I don't know if that would be his response if I had 20 packages, but it's good to know in a pinch when I can't really leave the house and didn't schedule a pick up the night before that I can leave them for him to pick up.

My question of the day is, "If he doesn't need one, why does the postmaster need one at the post office?"

I love the view from our deck. There is a creek down the hill and we have lots of wild life. Deer by the dozens, ground hog, fox, raccoon, and about a million squirrel. Very peaceful with all of the snow.
 Hope everyone is safe and warm. I guess I'll just think about all the good stuff that I'm missing at the thrift stores...;)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Just Pick a Number & Postal Update

I was lucky in January with my 50% off coupon. I was in line at the check out before the 10am deadline and I spotted these under the counter.

North Face down filled boots, NEW North Face down filled boots. After a little research, I priced them at $65 and they sold in 2 days. Score!!! because there was a customer behind me in line at the TS that had already shouted out "if you don't want those, I do". I was thinking that "you'll have to rip these from my cold, dead hands", but I said "yes, I'll take them my grand daughter will love them". I got the the NF boots listed pretty quickly since winter is in full force and someone may just need them. 

 But I had these Diesel boots sitting in my listing tub for a couple of weeks. Just procrastinating getting them listed because they fit me and I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep them. Yes, I have jumbo feet. My SweetiePie said to sell them that I didn't need any more shoes. He's right, of course and I went ahead and listed them.

I researched and found only one pair listed at $50, in much nicer condition than these, a larger size and gray. But the reason I picked them up was the way they looked. All distressed and grungy on the outside, but the soles and insoles looked liked they had only been worn a few times. So I just decided that since I had sold the NF boots for $65 that I wanted $65 for these boots too. Poof, I just picked a number. Too low, too high I didn't know.

Sold in 2 days. So much for that gut feeling!! I love it.

Postal Update
A while back I asked about what everyone else did when they took their packages to the post office with postage already attached. Most replied that they just dropped them off with no problems. No one said anything about having to have a bulk shipping manifest. Some post offices apparently have special lines for bulk mailing.

Well I had several talks with the current postmaster and she kept trying to force me to use the bulk listing. I really have tried to figure it out, to no avail. I tried explaining that I couldn't figure out how to use the bulk shipping on ebay and print my labels/receipts the way I wanted to. She even called USPS to get a printout of the correct procedure. That printout was for Click N Ship and paypal customers. When I tried to explain that if I used either one of those services I would have to manually enter all of the tracking numbers and match them to the items shipped she didn't seem too concerned. She even told me since I get a commercial discount with ebay shipping if I didn't use the bulk listing that I would lose my discount and have to pay full price.

Let me repeat that. She told me that since I get a discount with ebay shipping, if I didn't use the bulk listing that I would lose my discount and would be charged full price. Charged by who? That little bit of information exploded in my head. I haven't checked with the USPS website but I'm pretty sure that the postmaster at my little post office would have a hard time collecting the additional postage from any of the ebay customers that come in our post office. After all there is another post office only two miles further down the road. I could always go there if she wants to act like a _____. (fill in the blank with words of your choice)
Until next time...just go with the gut.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Love 50% off Coupons!!

The coupon special at my favorite thrift for the month of February is 50% off of winter coats and sweaters. So I just had to go an use my coupons. The coupon is also good for 25% off of your entire purchase, but you have to choose which to use.  Choose, I can't choose!! So I'll just use two coupons. One for coats and sweaters and one for everything else. So while I was shopping I kept the coats and sweaters separate from everything else.

This is also the TS with the 99c rack, and sometimes it is 2/99c. These racks are outside under a sheltered area and it was late and it was really, really cold and the wind was blowing. And I was the only fool crazy person outside. Easy picking!!

I found several interesting coats. Sorry about the bad photos. I was in a hurry and the light from the big window in the dining room was messing up the colors. I was too lazy to reset my camera!!
This is a Travelsmith women's wool coat. The seams are flat stitched with overcast on the edges to reduce bulk. The sleeves are nice and long and you can fold them up for long or short arms. It also has a button out light wool lining. I didn't find any online now to compare with but it is a really nice long coat.
This is a WWII Swiss army coat, dated 1941. Green wool and very heavy. Well made and no holes. Someone "harvested" all of the buttons except the ones on the epaulets so I don't know if I will replace the buttons or sell as is. I can't find the buttons to match the two left. I may just put coat buttons on.
This is a J Crew stadium cloth, university jacket. Very light wear and the two slash pockets, just above the flaps, are still stitched together. Very nice.
A Cabela's field jacket, barn jacket women's size. Very nice condition, light wear.
This was on the 99c rack and is a beautiful ivory brocade coat. When I saw it I thought Bride or Mother of the Bride. Looks new and very dressy.
This isn't a coat and it was on the 99c rack. A brand new burgundy choir cassock. This brand wasn't on ebay, but similar ones were in the $50-80 range. What?????

So this is some of the items I found this week.I didn't get pictures of all the sheets I picked up for 20c each.
Yes, that is correct 20 cents each, 5 for $1.00. I couldn't believe it. They are in various parts of the wash cycle. I picked up 9 of the same design, and 2 sets of double, 2 sets of queen, 4 duvet covers (20c also) and 14 pillowcases. A twin sheet has about 3 yards of fabric so I have a massive amount of fabric all over the family room and laundry room. I don't always wash all of the sheets but these had a funky overpowering fabric softener aroma and I just hate that. I gives me a headache and I don't like that smell getting on other things.

So what am I doing here blabbing about what I found. I need to get my butt in gear and get this stuff cleaned and listed.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Old Dog Post Office Questions

I had a "request" from the local post office this week. I always take my packages to the post office to drop them off. I wait in line just like any other customer. I don't go to the front of the line and toss my packages on the counter and walk out. I have my packages organized and try to help the clerk by putting one on the scale as soon as they finish the last one, to keep things moving along. Boxed items first, flat items next and odd shaped items next.

Monday a new person, maybe the new Postmaster, told me I had two weeks before I needed to print out a bulk list of packages with one bar code to scan. I finally figured out how to do the sheet that they want but only after almost an hour on line to ebay to figure out how. Most of that time I spent on hold and then on hold again after the first "customer service" rep didn't have a clue to what I was talking about. Thankfully the next one did.

I only had two packages this morning so things were fairly simple. I only wasted two additional labels because I didn't know what order things were going to print. The receipt printed on the first label and that made the last label print on plain paper. So when I went to reprint, the label printed portrait instead of landscape and printed half on the label and half on the receipt end. Grrrrr....

I am an old dog and don't want to learn any new tricks.

My reasoning is the last Postmaster we had wouldn't let the clerks give anyone the receipt they printed out. You know the one with all of the tracking numbers. They had to throw them in the trash. But only for us bulk, ebay customers. When that Postmaster left, the rules changed and we once again got our receipt. So that makes me think it was just the Postmaster and her "thing".

My rambling question is this. Is the post office requiring this for items we deliver to the post office with postage already on the packages? Or is this just a local thing?

I asked about additional items that sell after the bulk list is printed. Answer: If it is only one, just include it with the other bulk items. How do they tell which one is the single one and which ones belong to the bulk sheet? Their answer:  they just pick one of the packages and scan, it doesn't matter. Well maybe not to them but it sure does to me. If the correct one doesn't get scanned ebay thinks it didn't get shipped. And that could cost me money in the end.

I am an old dog and don't want to learn any new tricks.

I didn't like the way my receipt printed out with just the name and address of the buyer. I just ordered 600 labels, one per page with receipt, and I want to be able to use them like I want to use them. The bulk way leaves the bottom blank. I like having my receipt print out on the bottom of the label. I take my receipt and do my accounting on the bottom, put it in a pile and then post the receipt in my accounting. (Dumb, but it works for me since I'm not a big box store) The new way I have no clue which item belongs to the address and there is no useful information on the receipt except the tracking number and address which is useless in accounting. Is there a way to keep printing labels the way I want to and still get a bulk listing?

Am I doing it wrong or just clinging to the old way?

I am an old dog and don't want to learn any new tricks.
And I also may repeat myself once in a while......