front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Creepy Than a Doll

I have these listed on ebay for sale. NEW Victoria's Secret panties. Ebay doesn't allow sales of used panties.
Thank goodness.

I received a rather "odd" message yesterday morning about this listing.

"Would you happen to wear these panties and sell without washing? If so I will pay more!"

I had a one word response for his question. NO

And then I went and washed my hands.

I told SweetiePie that I had a pair of size 14 white cotton "granny panties" (from the trash of the yard sale buy out) that I would send the guy.

Don't think that is what he had in mind.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Awesome Randomness

I think one of the exciting things about ebay is that you never know what will sell or when it will sell. I have had some pretty random things sell in the last couple of days. It has been 90+ outside here in the South and I have sold flannel sheets and a flannel shirt. I'm always grateful for any sales but the last 24 hours have been awesome.

After my daily trek to the Post Office yesterday I had a day of heavy listing scheduled so I could get a day or two ahead with my "required" listing and take a day off to get some things done.

While listing my little fingers off I sold a Krups boiler lid from an espresso machine I had purchased at an yard/estate sale. I was assured that it worked. Well, it might have worked if I could have plugged the hole in the bottom where the water poured out. But since it didn't work I pieced it out. Thanks Gilldaddy!! I sold the frother, filter holder and the boiler lid for a total of $32.97 with free shipping and made about $20 profit.(I could look up the exact amount but I'm lazy today). I would have made an additional $10-12 sale if I hadn't dropped the metal grate that covers the drip tray, through the crack in the front porch. I didn't feel like doing a snake impersonation to reach the grate under the porch. That's OK because it will be a puzzle if the next owner of the house ever replaces the boards on the porch!! Glad to entertain future generations!!

Then I sold a flannel shirt. A Field & Stream shadow plaid.

Then I sold a set of flannel sheets, with little moosies all over.

Then a new/old silk blouse that had been hanging in my closet for a while. New, never worn. I purchased it because I loved it and just because it was 2 sizes too big didn't mean that I couldn't refashion it to fit. Well, that never happened. So I sold it.

And just as I was getting ready for bed I sold this intercom set.
I would like to thank the "gentleman" that emailed me a day or two after I listed this to tell me I was asking too much for the set of 3 intercoms. He graciously offered me $20 for the set.Thank you very much kind sir for your unwanted input and lowball offer.. I sold it for $45 plus shipping.

Because I have been getting sales overnight and early in the morning, and my inventory is upstairs, I have started taking my phone upstairs with me at night. I just turn the volume down really low and leave it in the bathroom so I can't hear it go off. I almost dropped the phone when I saw what had sold this morning.
It's a vintage composition doll. A 30" Effanbee Lovums doll with straight legs. Good condition with some damage, no wig and sleep eyes that worked but were old and cloudy.A hard to find size in 30" so I started out high at $250 and have reduced the price twice since then. I tried some free auctions and no bites. I have had her listed since Feb 2013 and she finally sold.
You may have read my previous blog about her. My SweetiePie and daughter (SmartA**) thought she was creepy and put a brown paper bag over her head. I admit she is creepy with the cloudy eyes but I knew she would bring some good $$. Paid $5 for her from a thrift store. She had an old child's dress on and a vintage gold filled bracelet. I listed the bracelet first and got $15 for it immediately. So my initial investment of $5 netted me $215 and about $165 profit. Not bad for creepy.
This is what she looked like before she got in her box to go to her new home. A Lovums Mummy.

And while I was getting Lovums ready I sold a NIB Bake Pop Kit. I guess that was just icing on the cake.
So to speak.

So even after SweetiePie made fun of Lovums I was really nice and took him out to lunch today after we dropped Lovums off at the Post Office. And since we discussed the "business" of Lovums today at lunch I think that just might qualify as a tax-deductible business lunch.

Friday, June 13, 2014

What was I thinking...Part II

Well, I thought I had enough stuff after my trip to the GW outlet. You would think that almost a 100 lbs of stuff would be enough.

Apparently not.

I went out yard sale-ing on Saturday. After checking craisgslist I saw two promising sales. One was in the parking lot of the elementary school and one was for the Humane Society of our county. That's what I really like. Lots of stuff in one location and the people selling have no attachment to anything, except making money for their cause. The school one was a dud. I purchased two pair of children's Crocs for $1. Lots of knick knacks. The Humane Society was a different story. They had two huge tarps spread and piled high with clothes, shoes, purses, kids toys and a little bit of everything. The household stuff was pretty average. They did have a leather saddle, printers, monitors (the old biggies) and lots of glass stuff. Everything in the clothing area was fill a bag for $1. Apparently they don't know how much I can get in one small grocery bag!!. I picked up 3 bags of stuff. Boy, was it hot out there, about 91 and climbing. And since I need more shoes I picked up 4 pair of shoes, a laptop backpack and several purses. Never pass up a good deal. Stockpile for days when its too hot to go sale-ing. That's my motto.

But wait, there's more. Much more.

I came home and sorted my small haul. I spent $12 total and had about $300 in projected sales. Not bad for a couple hours of work. My SweetiePie wanted to go for breakfast, so off we went. Came back and started sorting and getting things in the wash. I don't know about you but I try and wash everything washable the minute I get home. If I have any creepy crawlies I hope they can't swim.

But something dangerous happened... I started thinking.

I had been watching some of the picker videos and had listened to ebay scavengers interview with Raikin Profits. Buy in bulk and get a better deal. So I asked my SweetiePie if he thought I was crazy to go back to the Humane Society yard sale and make an offer for everything left. Just shoes, clothes and purses. He said go for it. So off I go.

They had a lot left. A lot. I offered very low and they accepted without blinking an eye. Oh boy!  Ohhhhh Boy.

I had our small pick up truck and I started packing stuff in boxes. Just stuffing everything in a box. Well, I figured out after about 6 BIG boxes that I would have to make 2 or 3 trips. Not what I wanted to do. So I just started piling the clothes in the open bed of the truck. I took four boxes out to make more room and after I got the clothes level with the truck bed I put the four heavy boxes on top to hold everything in the truck. Then I bungee corded everything down. Luckily I only had about 2 miles to go to get home.

Boxes on the front porch and then spread an old sheet on the floor to put the piles of loose clothes on. I think that the clothes multiplied on the way home. Then the sorted started.
Forgot to take a picture of the big pile of
loose clothes. This is after sorting all of
the loose stuff
I knew that everything I didn't want I would take to the thrift store for battered women for the county, so anything that I was on the fence about I would put in the donate pile. I kept only what I thought would be at least $10 profit. I kept a few things for myself, the grand daughters and SweetiePie. I was determined to sort through the loose clothes before I went inside. I ended up with 10 huge garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to go to the thrift store. I finished sorting the boxes on Sunday and ended up with 13 huge garbage bags to donate, 1 bag of trash and lots of stuff to sell and keep.

What did I keep? Lots of  the better brand name stuff. Some silk, linen and rayon blouses, hand knit wool sweater, cashmere sweater, leather briefcase, vtg purse, leather jacket, vintage trench coat.

What did I donate? Lots of Wal Mart, Target, Kohls and K Mart brand name stuff.

Would I do it again? Probably, but not any time soon. I would go to a better neighborhood and make an offer. This county is very rural and lots of lower income families. We have higher income areas, but this was not the right area for higher end leftovers.

Here is a breakdown of what I kept.
12 purses, totes, briefcases==20 pairs of adult shoes==13 dresses==21 pair of pants, dress slack==14 pair men women shorts==3 skirts==47 knit shirts==14 blouses==37 sweaters==18 jackets==2 coats==9 jeans==2 beach cover ups==1 gown==1 pair of pajamas==2 vtg wool vests==1 Halloween costume==5 sets scrubs==15 accessories, scarves, hair stuff==1 laundry bag==35 items for personal use
Total of about 276 items for an average of 11cents each.

I've already pulled out around 10 items that will bring $35+, which seems to be the higher end stuff. Haven't researched yet but this is just a guess.Most of the other items will be in the $20-25 range. Some will sell single and some will be bundled, like t shirts and shorts. At 11c each, I don't mind bundling things.

And of course I may sort some more and donate some more stuff. I'll do a better inspection when I bring in everything to run through the laundry. I sure am glad that I make my own laundry detergent. I probably have at more than a dozen loads to wash and dry. Hopefully I can hang them on the line to save on gas for the dryer.

Now, someone give me a good swift kick if I go thrifting any time soon. The line forms on the right.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Help With the Cute Puppies

I found these cuties at the GW outlet. I think they are marked Japan, black ink, on the bottom. I can't really read the letters. But they are so darn cute I couldn't resist. There is a small crack in the glaze on the inside of the creamer and everything else is just fine.


Their heads are salt and pepper shakers and their bodies are cream and sugar. There is a notch in one of the shakers for a sugar spoon. So cute and such good shape.

Does anyone know anything about them? I can't find any listings for them. I've tried all sorts of words to find something like them but am now out of words.

Any information would be appreciated.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

What was I thinking?

Well, maybe the title should be, "I wasn't thinking!"

I made the trek to the GW outlet this week. My last trip was on April 1st and I had so much stuff, things to do that I didn't get the chance to go in May like I was planning. I think I made up for it this trip.

This was my third trip this year and with each trip you learn new things. I still don't like bellying up to the bins and fighting for everything. Most of the time you can't get the thing you have your eye on anyway and it just pays to wait until all of the vultures drift off to take your time and check out everything.

It also pays to grab something when you find it and hold on until you find what matches. The boots at the top of the photo are a good example. I found one boot in a bin on the left side all the way in the back. I looked all the bins over and found the other one in a bin that had just been brought out. They are hi end suede boots with wood soles from Australia, Jambu brand.

I didn't take the time to sort through the clothing bins because all I saw were a lot of cheap jeans, bedding and winter coats. I looked through one or two bins but most had just ordinary stuff and it would be cheaper to buy it priced than by the pound. I did pick up those bright green rubber motorcycle rain overalls as I walked by. They looked like quality and were in good shape. I didn't recognize the brand, Rukka, Made in Finland. I didn't look them up because reception on my phone is terrible in that warehouse and sometimes it takes 10 minutes just to finally get a signal. Glad I picked them up. I can't find anything like them listed, but all of this brand is priced really high. Score!!

Thursday must be shoe day at the outlet. On Wednesday there were barely any shoes in any of the bins. On Thursday they brought out 6 or 7 bins with just shoes. All total, I bought 45 pairs of shoes (some from other thrifts). One "pair" is miss matched, on purpose this time. They both were high quality shoes that I never did find the mate. One men and one women's.
See the brown shoe at the bottom? That is a Dr. Comfort diabetic shoe. I have sold a couple pair of these before. These are size 12 extra wide. I have a brown and black pair. Previous sales were for new shoes, but after checking, these should do well.

This little beauty was laying with a bunch of broken stuff and I gasped when I found her. I am amazed that she survived the rough life in the outlet bin. She's a 14" vintage 40's Mary Hoyer doll. Mohair wig is excellent, still has the net. She is rather stretched out and will have to be restrung, but in really great shape. I can restring her with no problem. No eyelashes, but her sleep eyes work. Red hair, blue eyes. No chips or cracks in her body. Just a little dirt. She weighs less than a pound so she probably cost me$1.

I saw this big box on top of a toy bin when they rolled it out. I thought someone would pick it up right away. Nope. I strolled over after the crowd broke up and put it in my cart. Checked the box and it is still in the original sealed packaging inside, outside the box has been taped on the ends. Still $30-40 is nothing to sneeze at.

In total I bought 86 pounds of stuff. The shoes were heavy so they cost an average of about a $1.50 a pair. I also got toys, household stuff and a couple of Halloween costumes. I am happy with my stuff. I am just not looking forward to getting everything cleaned and polished.

All total I spent about $300 on everything. Gas, food, motel, and inventory. I researched most of the bigger items on ebay and they should bring about $1500 to $1600. That doesn't include any of the smaller items. Not a bad return for my dollar. Now the "fun" starts.

Off to dig, sort, clean and other fun stuff. Hope everyone finds at least one treasure this weekend yard sale-ing. I have a little bit of room for just one more box of stuff!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm Making Lemonade

Thanks to everyone out there for all of the support and wonderful advise about the shoe problem. I really was upset when I realized how stupid I was when I picked the shoes. Well, stupid may be too harsh but definitely not one of my better moves.

After I wrote that post my SweetiePie said to just toss the shoes out and "move on". Well, I have never been one to just accept something. My Mom often referred to the trait as"stubborn as a mule" (it's a Southern thing!!). But I started researching the one shoe market and was really surprised to find that it's a pretty large market. When I was telling SweetiePie about it he said maybe it was a good thing because it could become a new area for sales. While, I don't think I would concentrate on the one shoe market heavily I would look more at shoes to see if I could sell the better one of a pair for more than the pair.

So, I have listed 2 1/2 pairs of the three pair that were mismatched. I need a shoelace for one shoe so I am on the look out for one and if all else fails I'll purchase one.

Although for the life of me I don't see an amputee playing golf with this shoe.

They are the ones with metal spikes, not the soft spike ones. I was looking at the spikes and wondering if you could replace the metal spikes with the new soft plastic ones. I'm sure that a golfing buyer would know.

These make more sense.
The soles are made to be slip resistant and do their job very well. I can see an amputee using these on multiple surfaces not just a boat deck because of the stability.

photo from and a
great lemonade recipe
So, cheers and crossed fingers!!