front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So Much for Cyber Monday

Well, I have a new phrase that I'm sick and tired of hearing.

Cyber Monday

Apparently buyers in my store think that Cyber Monday is a day to ask questions. I have had questions all day long. Not interesting questions, dumb questions. Someone asks me the standard shipping cost of an item when it is plainly visible in the listing. Kinda like what color is that blue sweater?

 Another customer wants to return an electrical item that they purchased. I tested when I purchased and before I shipped and IT WORKED.
Do you see a battery? No!!!
 When they first contacted me and said it "wasn't functioning properly" I asked if they used a fully charged battery to test the vacuum. No response. Now today they open a case saying it is defective. I sold them a Dyson DC16 without a battery and charger. Plainly stated in two places that the battery and charger not included. I have a sneaky suspicion that they thought it had a battery when they purchased. They looked at the cheaper cost and didn't look at the description. I don't mind taking back the return, but damn if I want to pay return shipping when it works and they are too stupid to see that it needs a battery to work.

But things did get better today. I sold this item to a gentlemen in England.
It arrived today and he sent me a nice message to say that it is the best thing he has purchased on line. It is a cast aluminum pepper or herb mill, Perfex brand made in France and apparently cost over $100 new. I picked it up for 25c and sold it for $35 because it had some light spots on the top that I didn't know if they could be cleaned off or not. I didn't have any luck getting them off.

Someone tell me when things are going to be normal again so I can come out of hibernation and join the human race.