front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Painfully Slow Around Here

I keep trying to be positive about ebay but it keeps getting harder for me to get back into the swing of things. I have very limited time and there are other things that keep getting all of my attention.

Sales have picked up just a tad. Not huge but better sales and more consistent. But listing time is non-existent most days. After taking care of SweetiePie for most of the day I just can't force myself to sit down at the computer and deal with listing. My service provider is a PITA and I keep having issues with SellerSourceBook and I just dread trying to list. Every time I  contact SSB with a problem it seems that it is my fault, my computer's fault or my service provider's fault. Granted they may all be contributing to the problem but SSB needs to accept some responsibility. But most days I don't want to deal with things after taking care of everything all day.

The most exciting thing today was 3 great sales and a very persistent bird. Two pair of shoes and a chamois shirt. The persistent bird was a male cardinal that was very determined to get in one of the windows on our front porch. He kept flying into the window and hopping on the window sill and chirping. Our "guard cat" was scared and wouldn't get near the window. So much for the guard cat.

This little fellow really wanted to get in.  I was able to get really close and he didn't fly away. Kept us amused for 30-45 minutes before he flew off.

I really need to get pumped up and get on the listing track. Maybe today's sales will get me going after SweetiePie goes to bed.

That and a couple of glasses of wine!


  1. Sorry your having a tough time getting back on the listing band wagon. Frustrating when your attention is needed too many places. I always like reading your post's. I have to tell you that I am always so amazed and inspired by your sweet and positive attitude. Especially with so much on your plate. Hope your doing well and taking care of yourself =)

  2. By the are not alone on this. Finding it very difficult to get the listing thing going too ;)

    1. At this stage of the game positive is the only feeling I allow. If I ever stop being positive it has an effect on both of us and SweetiePie has a problem with positive all the time. Hopefully I can be positive enough for both of us.

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