front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, February 9, 2013


How were things in January in your neck of the woods?

Here in NC things were hopping. Ebay sales were excellent after Christmas right up until the end of January. Just about the time that February credit card statements hit th mailbox things came to a screeching halt. I mean, dead in the water with 10,000 crickets singing in the background.

I can't remember the last time I had a week as bad as the end of January. 5 total sales all week. Only one sale last weekend and that has turned into a non payer. One sale this Monday, $5. It's a good thing that I am a squirrel. I tend to save my ready cash because you never know with sales on ebay. Feast or famine is putting it mildly.

So with the slow sales you would thing that I could get things listed. Well, I finally felt better by the end of the week so I got some pics taken and some things listed. Still very slow.

Slow sales mean no shopping. It's killing meeeeeeee.  I did get to GW a few times but nothing big. I picked up several swim suits that are promising and a perfume cat light that is killer.

In perfect condition, but no light or cord. I can replace that. From the 50's and so cute.

I also found a lost baby. No, the doll kind. I just had to rescue her. Turns out she is a Effanbee Lovums from the late 1920's. I think she is precious. SmartA** thinks otherwise, so here is how she is sitting in the family room.

Now, I think she is in great shape for her age. She is about 85 to 90 years old. But SmartA** thinks her eyes are creepy, soooooo I took care of that. Let's see how SmartA** looks at 85!!

This is a better picture. Her glassine eyes have crazed and gotten cloudy. She has damage to one finger, damage to one toe, her wig is missing and has normal cracking and crazing to the composition. She has her original body and had on a one piece undergarment that was original. Oh, and she is 30" tall, which is kinda hard to find. At least I didn't find many listed on ebay.

She really is pretty. I just don't see creepy.....well, maybe just a little.

I found smaller dolls like this in much worse condition for around $200, with clothes, on ebay. So all is not lost. Oh, and she had a vintage infants gold bangle bracelet on her arm. Doll, clothes, shoes, original underwear and gold bracelet, $5.

Now, back in the poke young lady!!


  1. The doll IS quite a find! Tell your daughter to pucker up when you sell it for a whole lot more than $5! She is a tad spooky, but she's well worth it! You have a great eye!

  2. Thanks, since I took that picture my SweetiePie has drawn a face on the bag. I wish I knew how to fix her eyes. I got her all cleaned up today and she smiled for the camera. I checked Worthpoint and a minty one in the original box, original everything, went for $1200. I doubt I'll get anywhere near that for mine, but more than $5. I already sold the little gold bracelet she had on for $15, so I'm "in the money"

  3. I dont find her creepy at all. At my t.s. they probably would have asked between $15 and $40 for her and not having any knowledge of dolls I would have passed. Is she marked somewhere? Last time I went to the t.s. they had 2 big dolls there for $15 each