front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We all constantly hear in the news about the economy. It's's down...gas is up...gas is down...groceries are up...groceries are up....

What can we do to help?

Now I have enough sense to realize that what few things  I might do will have a minute effect on the economy, but if we all join together maybe we can create a ripple in the economic pond.

I was thinking (I know, it's dangerous)about all the things we buy from other countries. I have been taking a personal poll of all the foreign things I buy in one month. Believe me, its a lot. I'm not talking about all of the stuff at the $store. We all know that the majority of that stuff is from China and lots of other places overseas. I'm talking about groceries, clothes and many of the things we consume. Check out the food you buy sometimes and it will surprise you where it is from. I not talking about the fresh, out of season veggies, I'm talking about canned and prepackaged items. North Carolina was once a major textile producing area. Now I am seeing many foreign made textiles in a wide range of consumer items.

I know we can't go for a month without purchasing a single thing foreign. We all have to have gas to get to work and school and the grocery store. Can we really take a good look at what we are purchasing and do without it for just a month? I am willing to try.

Will you join me and try buying American for just one month?

Start by looking at what you are purchasing and deciding if you can do without it or find an alternative that is made in America. Better yet, find something that is made locally. It may take some looking and thinking, but I think we can do it.

I can't guarantee that we will win any prizes or awards. I know that personally I will feel better if I know I at least tried to do something.

Let me know what you have found that you were purchasing foreign and what you were able to substitute  American made and I will post an updated list. I'll try to post an updated list every Monday from now until July Fourth.

Who is up for a challenge? Double Dog Dare Ya!!


  1. that is why I like Whole Foods, while it is a little more expensive alot of produce comes from NC and/or the US. and the meats are mostly from local farmers.

  2. Oh, I love Whole Foods, it's just my bank account that hates it.