front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, June 24, 2011


OK folks I have to go it alone on this one.

Is ANYONE taking the challenge seriously?

Am I crazy to think that I am the only one concerned about our local economy? Look at all of the things that are made or grown locally and see if you can't help out our neighbors. We are all suffering, believe me, and we need to help thy neighbor.

I confessed to my transgressions at IKEA, and truly it made me feel better. Time for all of you to confess. I promise I won't hold it against you.

I have managed to avoid any foreign purchases at the $store. I have been to the $store but I have read the labels and found alternatives. Did you know that most of the bagged candy, the pre-wrapped hard candy, from the $store is made in Argentina, China and Canada? I had a scratchy throat and wanted some hard candy to keep in my pocket at work and I dashed into the $store. I could not find ANY hard candy that was made in USA.

I know kids love the toys from the $store, but in my experience the ones that my grandkids get just end up at the bottom of the toy bucket and are played with for about 10 minutes in the car on the way home. Well, except for the bugs and dinosaurs....they are perfect pocket size or perfect to slip under the pillow for a good scare.

Has my challenge made you rethink your purchases? I know it has me. I am trying to be very aware of everything I buy. Like everyone else, I need to make my dollar go as far as possible.

It would be nice to hear from some of you and maybe you could share tips. If you are from another country, that's ok too. You need to support YOUR own economy.

Is anyone willing to share tips?


  1. Is your challenge to only buy USA based food? If so, have I got the tip for you! Don't eat processed food.:) Ok ok even I buy some processed foods. Hmmm, I'll take your challenge. It will be interesting to see if I come across anything thats not made in America that I take for granted. I'm all about supporting our economy!

  2. K found your post on your challenge. Its weird in the last year I have purposelly shrunk my scope of what is doable and what is not. I bought an American made bike that is an extension of me. I ride every where except to my once a week buying foray (I have a resell business, it would be tough to truck home 4 bags of clothes!:)). I seriously love my bike, I won't even put it in the garage it stays in the house like any contributing member of this family!:) I buy almost all my food from Trader Joe's, the less processed the better. But I'll still look. All my clothes come from Goodwill. How can I not I buy a lot of clothes to resell. I don't know for me I want more than just a month. I want to really amp it up make it real life changes. I want to BE a part of my enviroment instead of a bystander. So sure challenge accepted!

  3. Dhamma, USA based anything. Food is the item that we consume the most. I am with you on the processed food. (And look at all of that excess packaging that ends up in the landfill.)I try to make as much of my "mixes" as I can. I make my own bread, my own laundry soap and lots of "fast food" mixes.(Hamburger Helper, taco seasoning, season salt and stuff like that) By making my on fast food mixes ahead of time I do two things. I have the mix on hand when I need a quick meal and I can control the ingredients that are in the mix(salt, sugar)and tailor it to my family's taste.It is amazing what you can find that is made in America if you only look. Most of the time the American made is the about the same price. Of course gas and gas products are almost always imported. Thanks for joining my challenge:)

  4. I'm with you on making it a lifetime challenge. I purchase 99% of my clothes from Thrift Stores and for my family also. I do a bit of reselling but I would like to do more. I love vintage kitchen anything and that is what I am drawn to and am trying my hand at reselling. I thought it might be easier for someone to accept one month as the first step in a lifetime of change. Go for it!!!