front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Well, it's been a month since my last post and things have really progressed.

February was a terrible month on ebay and March started out bad but has greatly improved in the last two weeks. About time.

Everyone says to start listing Spring things. Well, I have listed a few Spring things and I have listed a few Winter things. Every down comforter that I have listed I have sold within a week. And that was just in March. So don't give up on Winter stuff. Some folks are still going to have cold nights and some cold days until the end of April. I haven't listed toys in forever, since October. I could open my own toy store. Need to get off of my butt and get going. Plush coming out of my ears and Little People and playmobil pieces and Polly Pocket and LPS and books and, well you get the idea.

But the big thing around here is that we have almost moved SmartA** to her own house. I say almost, because she still has some stuff at home. We moved most stuff on Saturday with the help of  the rest of the family. Sunday it was pouring rain, so just a few things. Like her cats and clothes. Just the essentials. And there is only a little bit more to do at her house that she needs help with.

NOW, I will finally have time to blog, shop and list.

WAIT, I still need to finish cleaning the two rooms and bathroom that SmartA** used and paint and get them set up as guest rooms so the two Princess have a place to sleep when they are tracked out.

ARGGGGH, does it ever end?