front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am into recycling. I admit it. I enjoy finding ways to recycle things that can be used again before they finally get into the trash and then the landfill. I have always believed that recycling was more than just separating the trash and taking it for recycling. Get your mind into it and you can solve lots of recycling issues.

I had seen glasses and planters and wind chimes and all sorts of thing made from glass bottles. Well, I did my part. I emptied IBC bottles (black cherry is the best) and wine bottles(someone had to step up) and any kind of interesting bottles I could find or get from family members. Then I went in search of something that would cut the bottles into the shapes I wanted.

The bottle cutters I found... I didn't like...Kinda flimsy. I decided I needed a wet saw. Not an expensive one. I just wanted a cheap one to experiment with. Yard sale? Looked and looked and didn't find one. Thrift store? looked and looked and didn't find one. Harbor Freight had a cheap one but it was $ way....just to experiment with.

Meanwhile, I had collected bottles. Lots of bottles. Over a hundred bottles. Lots of boxes of bottles.
SweetiePie was not happy. "Do something or get rid of those bottles." I pleaded and drug my feet for as long as I could until I finally had to do something. So off to the recycle bin went the glass bottles. Well, almost all of them. I still have a dozen or so stashed away. But still no wet saw.

Until this weekend....I found one and it works and it was only $5 at a yard sale almost at my back door.

Sometimes Good Thrift Karma takes a while to find you.

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