front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yeah... we got our tax refund in the mail. State tax refunds can not be direct deposited so you have to stand by the mail box and wait.
Yeah... we got interest on our refund...77cents.

What am I going to do with all of that interest?
I can buy 1/5 a gallon of gas.
Just a smidgen over 1/5 gallon of milk. I can't buy a pint or quart because a pint is over a dollar and a quart is over $2.
A candy bar from the dollar store. 69cents plus tax. Wow I'll have change left over. Maybe if they give me my change all in pennies I will get a wheat penny and it will be worth 50cents and I will get ahead. Fat chance.
One green pepper OR one lemon from the grocery store.
About 1/3 an ice cream bar from an ice cream truck in your neighborhood...good luck with that.
38 1/2 % of a $2 lottery ticket or 77% of a $1 lottery ticket.

I also won the lottery...I use the term WON loosely.
I won $2 on a $2 ticket.

The challenge issued on June 1st is going well. I have been able to avoid buying anything that is not American made. All of the food that I have purchased has been grown in the USA, all of the clothing I have purchased has been purchased either at a yard sale or Goodwill. Now you may scoff and say that the clothing in Goodwill is made everywhere. True, but when it is resold the money stays in the local community. So since it is my challenge, and I made the rules, I am counting that as buying local. So there...

The only thing I have been unable to purchase locally grown or produced is gas for my vehicle. The only way that I could do that is if I rode a horse to work. But I would have to purchase a horse first, locally of course. Our local homeowners associaion will allow us to keep 2 1/2 horses on our property. Never mind that most of the property is only suitable for a billy goat.

  Hey....there's an idea...

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