front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, June 17, 2011


I have the next few days free, as in no hours at work, lots of stuff to do and stressed to my eyeballs and beyond.

Daughter and I are headed to Charlotte tomorrow. She wants to go to IKEA and I am along for the ride. How can I not purchase anything at IKEA? It's such a cool place. I have the absolute best drying rack ever that I purchased at IKEA last year. It will hold a whole load of undies, including socks with room to spare and folds up so nice and neat. I use it in the winter when I can't put things on the line and we are at the bottom of the undies stack.

I will try to be good and not purchase anything that I can't live without. I mean, how can you go to IKEA and not purchase something?

If you ever get the chance to go to yuppie central, I mean IKEA, it will amaze you. Most of the things I just enjoy looking at, but they have some neat stuff.

And what is with all caps IKEA? Even the sign at the exit to IKEA, IKEA is all in caps. And of course IKEA is on IKEA Blvd.

My mantra is Made in the USA, Made in the USA...(Do you hear the Boss?)


Just returned from our little treck to IKEA.  Had great time and tried not to spend much money. That wasn't hard since I don't have much to spend.

First, I promised my daughter, Smarta**, that I would set the record straight. Yes, dear I know that IKEA is an anagram. For what I don't know. And yes, dear daughter, the road sign is not all in caps. Ikea Blvd. I was wrong, you were right. There, I have eaten my crow.

I ended up only purchasing three things:  dinnerware for the little Princess for Christmas, paper cupcake liners and NEW clothes pins.  I'm such an exciting person.....NOT.

 Where was all of this wonderfulness made? I really fell off the wagon this time. The children's dinner ware is made in Vietnam, the clothes pins are made in India and the cup cake liners are made in Japan.

If you need me I'll be sitting in the corner with my head down. I hurt it when I fell off the wagon.

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