front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Been to a big box store lately? Me neither. My heart can't take the sticker shock.

I have found that after shopping at various thrift stores for a number of years that I get the "dazed, deer in the headlights" look when I actually shop in a "real"store. How about you?

For example, at Wal-mart, you can get a pair of jeans, pants or shorts for the reasonable price of $19.99 and up.At Target, Kohls and other stores they start at about $24.99 and go up. Am I crazy because I don't want to spend $25 for a t-shirt?

At the thrift store you can get a pair of jeans or pants for $3.49 and shorts are $1.39. And as I have stated before, everything in both stores have touched someone else's bum. Learn how to use the washing machine people!! The previously stated prices are for our local Goodwill and some local  TS have prices lower than that. Sometimes I find pants for $3.49 and they are buy one get one free. Sometimes I find shorts and t-shirts 4 for $1.00.And TS are just like big box stores, they have something for everyone from high-end stuff to just plain junk. You just have to look.

I must admit that I have trouble finding clothing at a TS in my size. I don't like clothes that are tight and I don't really want polyester. So I have the option of finding something that I kinda like and can live with or going to the mall and spending my entire paycheck on one pair of pants and still kinda like them.

I had to update my wardrobe recently and had to spend ....gasp...retail because I needed scrubs that were a certain color and they needed to look professional. Not faded and worn, like jeans. Still, at retail price I searched for bargains. 

I have never been the type person that got rid of all of their clothes each season just because they were last years "look". But I am grateful to those of you out there that must renew your wardrobe each year. Please be kind and take it to my local Goodwill or TS and save me some money. I'll call with the address if you want.

Oh, and while you are donating please be sure to grab some of your gold jewelry, vintage collectables and high end kitchen gadgets. I just love a bargain and the prices on ebay have gone up so much that I need to buy some cheap stuff to sell.

Thank you ...thank you very much.(best Elvis voice)

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