front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, June 6, 2011





I have been working about every other Saturday since I started my new job. It seems like on the Saturdays that I haven't been working it has either been I was too tired, too much to do or it rained. This week end was perfect. I got to sleep late, until 6:30, I went to yard sales and no rain.

Now for all of you out there that love to spend money at the mall you might as well stop reading this blog right now. I, for one, detest do not like the mall. I would say hate, but my Mom said that was a very strong word that you shouldn't use. I had much rather hunt for a bargain at the thrift store or a yard sale.

I once worked with a very high maintenance woman. She was shocked at the things I would buy at yard sales and thrift stores. Now mind you I never buy undies or used cosmetics at yard sales or thrifts stores and everything I buy is washed, most of the times more than once, before it ever touches my body. I pointed out to her that the clothes she tried on in the high end stores had most likely been tried on by someone else before she tried them on. Gasp!!! they were not new!! And I bet she never came home from the store and tossed all of her new purchases in the wash before she wore them. But I digress.

I did find some great things this week end. Some I plan on reselling, some are for me and some are for my little princesses.
A wire basket, a non-aerosol oil pump, glass jars and tupperware tools for me. A bee hive syrup dispenser with pink top and aluminum measuring cup for resale.
An atomic design dessert bowl and Fenton hobnail sugar bowl for resale.I haven't been able to find the name of the dessert bowl  pattern. Any clues?
Two complete needlework kits, a box of vintage children's birthday cards for resale.
A vintage Towncraft make up case, the Nini Ricci dusting powder box (empty) was free inside the case.resale
Two Pyrex cornflower blue pie plates and a Shenandoah mixing bowl for resale.
And this beautiful, hand painted silk scarf from Japan for resale. The lady I purchased the scarf from whispered in my ear that her husband brought it back for her from Japan.

Not a bad week end for the bargains and the fun of finding treasures. Hope everyone found some great stuff this week end.
I am linking my finds to ApronThriftGirl's Monday Thrift Share,

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