front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


HA...HA...HA you thought I had forgotten the bag challenge. 

Not a chance. I have just had a lot to do.

I was planning a post yesterday but spent the day with my daughters instead. Had a wonderful time in the hot, hot, hot, and big, big, big thrift store. Found lots of bargains so that means I will be busy taking pics and listing on ebay and bonanza.

A fellow blogger has opened a market place for thrifty finds and hand crafted items. I have linked all of my selling spots there. Here is the link Late Night Marketplace. Lots of fun stuff all in one place. Check everything out.

OKEE DOKEE....on to the challenge. Remember the challenge? See how many reusable bags you can use in one month and how many plastic bags you used.  Since there is no way to validate how many plastic or reusable bags that each one used  in the month of July I have decided on a random drawing.

Just leave a comment and I will pick one by random selection at noon on August 4th. Leave a tally of your plastic bag consumption and I will include a freebie along with your reusable shopping bag.
This is the shopping bag. Vintage bark cloth.
Ok? So lets see how much plastic we saved from the landfill and how much plastic our great grandchildren will not have to deal with. Let me hear those comments.


  1. Hi Mom!


    I recieved eight plastic bags this month. I'm running out of bags to use when I clean out the litter boxes, thought, so I may have to relapse.

  2. This bag is not for the litter box!!!

  3. I received about 14 bags this month. I also use them for the litter box, and for shipping shoes on Ebay.