front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, August 22, 2011


As promised I have pictures of the monster estate sale.

While standing in line to give my pint of blood at the estate sale, the lady in charge was talking to customers about the sale and the former owners of the house. It seems that they had another 3 day event in June and sold most of the smalls and some furniture from the main floors of the house.They needed another 3 day sale just to show and sell the attic and basement contents. Buyers were only allowed on the main floor, basement, sun room and solarium this time. The living room was the check out room and about half full of stuff. The main floor consisted of the dining room, kitchen,  three bedrooms, bathroom, garage, sun room and solarium. Downstairs was a completely finished basement with two huge (and I mean huge rooms) a kitchen area and a man's workshop. The mans workshop area was bigger than a single car garage and the finished area of the basement was at least 1800 sq ft.

The original family moved there in 1976 and proceeded to buy everything in sight to fill up the house. One room of the basement was done in orange and owls. The other room was in blue and white. 

The kitchen counters were completely covered in jewelry. The pantry and cabinets were open and filled with kitchen stuff. The garage had tools and garden stuff. The sun room had Christmas stuff and I mean stuff. There were four long tables against the outside wall and they were stacked with everything you could every imagine   for Christmas decorating from the last 50 years. There was a row of stuff down the middle of the sunroom. The solarium had three huge tables piled about 4 boxes high on the table and 2-3 boxes high under the table and boxes linining the wall on one side with  every kind of kitchen gadget you can imagine. The lady of the house was a shopper and a hoarder. But a neat kind of hoarder. She kept everything in their original boxes and never used anything. Oh, in the back yard they had a huge fountain pool on one side(the size of a small swimming pool) and a larger indoor pool on the other side and of course a garden shed the size of a small car. It. was.unreal.

I didn't go to the sale in June, but I can only imagine the amount of stuff that must have been in the house. I arrived Friday at 8am and left at 11:30. I was pooped. I spent just over $135 and this is some of my loot.

Most of this was picked up on Friday. We went back on
Sunday and got there for 50% off. The white box in the
back is a nail care kit(empty) that has never been used
It had the original tag and a  80's brochure inside. The
round box is a 60's sewing box. The measuring cups,
  2 sets, never used still have their original tag. The one
in the celo bag is dated 1957 and came from the Came Lejeune PX.
Vintage Disney placemats, small blow mold snowman.

  5 Wilton cake pans from the 70's, new still in original packaging.
The turquoise plastic set is new 70's. Somewhere between picking it
up and paying for it I lost a fork. A Pyrex vacuum coffee pot
and a Cory pot from the Friday, both never used. Vintage stuffed animals from the
40's and 50's.( Our cat is stalking the bunny.)

Cake pans and three stitchery kits from the 70's, two never
opened and the purse kit opened and never started.Also,
behind the cross is a box crammed full of vintage
ephemera. Ledger pages, drapery samples from the 60's
and old catalogs from the 60's. This lady never trashed

 Picked up 7 vintage dresses on Friday and
2 more on Sunday. See the one in back on the
left, blue w/white collar, a vintage maids dress. The
pink on right is an 80's jumpsuit.

And one more picture. This is a plastic chicken. The orange head pops off and the chicken is hollow inside.
I think it is for putting crushed ice in and keeping a veggie tray cool. But I could be wrong. Never seen one before and since it was only 50c, I couldn't pass it up Does anyone know what it is?

What am I?

Any volunteers to help sort, photograph, list and keep track of all of this stuff?
Hope everyone had a great adventure this week end.


  1. Oh my did you not lose your mind? This looks like the greatest sale! I think your chicken is a candy container? I remeber having animals like this for easter...Bunnies, etc. with jellybeans, small dot candy inside?! I have to say A tear came to my eye when I saw the stuffed know when you are a kid and your parents get rid of "toys you don't need?" I had the exact stuffed bear in your pic! I remember that sort of square shape he had. I have a picture of him with me somewhere...but got "rid" of him...teddy bear farm somewhere? It was nice to see him again.

  2. Pam, I remember the small chickens, rabbits, etc but this one is 8" tall at the head. That's a lot of candy. But it makes sense. I still have my bear like the one you had. Mine, Wilbur, is small and brown but I immediately fell in love with this one. My Wilbur needed a big brother/sister. My family would say that I have already lost my mind, so no danger at an estate sale!!!

  3. I too had that bear I love the pepsi tote

  4. We are all telling our age......