front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Everyone has a mother. All mothers teach their children. It's just a matter of what sinks in and what floats on down the drain.

What did you momma teach you?

I'll bet she taught you to share, not be greedy and not to break things that didn't belong to you. Mine did.

My Mom grew up as the oldest girl in a family of six children. She survived the depression, share cropping and raising us on a very small farm. Life was tough, but she was tougher. We learned lots of things. Don't sass Momma was learned very early. We took care of what we had, because we might not get anything else. We respected other peoples property. We respected our elders and ultimately we respected ourselves.

At the estate sale this past week end I was reminded of things my Mom taught me.

There were about 40 people signed up ahead of me. So I knew that when I entered the house that most of the things I was interested in would already be scooped up. Shiny Brites, blow mold Christmas, vintage dresses were some of the things I was interested in. Most of these things were gone when I entered the door. But I didn't worry because it looked like there was plenty to go around.

One lady scooped up all of the Shiny Brite ornies. ALL of them. There were about 6-8 boxes of pristine ornies of all sizes. As I got to the sun room with all of the Christmas goodies, two ladies who were obviously seasoned estate shoppers, were trading things that they had scooped up. One had vintage elves and one had the Shiny Brites. They reached a compromise and moved on. Fine, I have no problem with that.

As I was getting ready to get in line to check out I made one more sweep around the rooms to see if I missed anything. Guess what was back on the Christmas table? Several boxes of Shiny Brite ornies. I went over to check them out.  Surprise, surprise. There were three boxes of ornies back on the table. But wait, what was this...they were broken. Now, I saw the boxes of ornies while the ladies were dividing up the spoils and NONE of the ornies were broken. The boxes were full of unbroken ornies. How did this happen?

My theory? The "lady" who scooped up all of the Shiny Brite ornies carried them around and some got broken while she was looking at other stuff. She didn't want to pay for "damaged goods" so she tossed them back on the table. Now someone bought those boxes I am sure.(I checked on Sunday) But there was absolutely no reason to be so greedy, careless and then not responsible for your actions. Didn't her momma teach her anything?

I realize that a lot of the people at the estate sale were dealers looking for stuff for their shop. I can deal with that. I was there looking for stuff to sell and stuff for myself. I don't have a shop but I do sell on ebay, so I guess that is really a shop. Economic times are bad and it's every man for himself. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!

What I can't deal with is people who are rude, greedy and destructive. There is no excuse for acting that way.

Mom could have handled them with just one LOOK.

And if that didn't work my Dad would have thumped them on the head.

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