front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I LOVE yard sales.
Yes, I do. I like getting stuff new in the box for pennies on the dollar. I am super thrifty. I even put my brother, Fuzz, to shame. He is world famous for being cheap. I have beat him up one side and down the other today.

Last week end yard sales were a fizzle. It rained. Of course after lots and lots of days in the 100's it was good to have rain. But I was jonesin' for yard sale fun.

My daughter, Smarta**, and I set out early and hit one near our house. After 1 hour and 15 minutes we decided it was time to leave. I spent $35 and loaded up. I wanted to take my van, famous for hauling all sorts of stuff from 6 states, but we decided to take the car. Big mistake. After our first stop we had to return to home base and unload stuff. The car was full. We unloaded all of the stuff on the front porch. I was trying to imagine the comment SweetiePie would have when he came out the door to go meet us for breakfast. Something like Holy S*** Batman.

This is not all of the stuff we got. My daughter got a wrapping paper storage box with 5 boxes of vintage miniature wooden Christmas ornaments in the bottom, $4. I tried to arm wrestle her for them, but no go.

FOUR strands of vintage patio lights, 2 owl and two plain.
Vintage bakelite radio, pyrex, fabric.

Metal tote is filled with cross stitch books, floss, stuff
5 beaded miniature tree kits. AT&T red phone, spa, coffee
grinder assorted stuff.

Blow mold snowman, magnetic paper dolls
The horse says Madam Alexander.

NIB Bamix, new shoes, new tub tool tote thingy.
One of the boxes of vintage mini ornaments, new
in package.

47 Shiny Brites, vintage, 3 strands of vintage aluminum
tinsel, a vintage pink tree topper.

 I have never in my life seen so many Christmas lights. There were at least 4 big totes with nothing but lights in them. All kinds of porcelain houses, outside deco, furniture, household.

I thought I was in heaven. And they were selling cheap.
Be still my heart!!!!!


  1. I can't go to yard sales with anyone other than my husband, for fear I may have to fight them for goodies like you got! What an awesome Christmas lot! Glad you had such a good time!

  2. WHAT A GREAT HAUL!!! Holy cow!!! The Christmas ornaments alone are fantastic...but look at that huge pile. What fun!!!!! Good for you!

  3. This has to be the best yard sale ever. It was a relative of the family holding the sale and there was no attachment, they just wanted it gone. Yeah for me!!!!!

  4. I love the retro patio lights.

  5. Wowzer, that was one fantastic sale! Doesn't it make your day to hit one with so much cool stuff?

  6. Made my week. I love sales like that.