front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Well, I have been a bad girl this week.
First, I haven't posted anything.
Second, I went to an estate sale and yard sale-ing.

Let's talk about the yard sale-ing on Saturday. Not too many on craigslist, that sounded good anyway. Just one in our little town and one in the metropolis down the road. Oh well, we don't have to get up that early to go to the one down the road.  The one that advertises that "everything is 25cents". It starts at seven. We stroll down the road at 8ish. And yes, everything in the boxes on the ground is 25c each. What? I don't believe it. Well some of the stuff was overpriced at that price, but some was a good deal.

assorted box of stuff, so so stuff

five pairs of colorful shoes, a glass thingy with snowman hat
The shoes were brands I had not researched, but for 25c I thought I could take a chance. Michael Antonio, Jazzberry and luichiny and one pair from Cato. Oh and what is that glass thing with the snowman hat? Why it is a vacuum coffee pot!!
brand new, Cory, the instructions were in the bottom pot.
just needs a new seal on the top pot to create the vacuum
Of course I had to dig around in 3 or 4 boxes to find all of the pieces. I found them!!!Well technically I had all of the pieces except the glass rod filter when I got home. So I got to thinking that if all of the other pieces were there and the instructions that the glass rod filter was probably in one of the boxes. Right?
Yep, I went back to the yard sale and told the guy what I was looking for and he started looking for it. I started digging too. In less than 5 minutes he found it!!!! Yeah, and he said no charge, it goes with the coffee pot you got earlier. Well, I didn't want it for free, so I gave him 25c for the filter. (It was the least I could do.)

OK, one more yard sale to go. This one was billed as "Worlds Best Yard Sale". Yeah right, we will be the judge of that. When we arrived a gentleman greeted us at the entrance and gave us a pamphlet and explained that his church was having the yard sale. Everything was free, including the hot dogs. What? Let me clean out my ears. Everything is free? Yes, do you need a bag? (No, a wheel barrow will do)

I tried to be conservative and leave some for others.
Lester del Ray, covers not in great shape, but inside is great!!
I couldn't believe that I got all of this for only $6 total.Well, of course, some was free. Cheap is good, and free is even better. I came home with 54c in my pocket!!! I didn't even touch my mad money!!!

I traveled to an estate sale on Friday. The lady of the house was a buying junkie. Hoarder? Yes, and she stored everything in the box and never opened the box and never used the item.!!!!She never threw anything away and put everything back in the box. The kids toys, dishes, jewelry...everything. After I raved about the mountains and mountains of stuff, my daughter wants to return today. So we are off to the estate sale. I hope to sneak a few pics and I will share tomorrow.

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