front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am HOT... I am TIRED... I am HOT and TIRED...
But, I am HAPPY...
Yard sales paid off today!!

A few weeks ago I kept finding LPS and Polly Pocket. This week, But I did make out like a bandit on plushies and clothing.

Someone said to be on the look out for Halloween costumes.  Check these cuties out.
A freaking octopus size 2-3T!!!!!!
The cutest ever frog---with web fingers yet!!!
This yard sale was very simple.....everything was a dollar. They had piles of clothes with tags still on them. A whole table full of the color of the
Some need cleaning, while others just need sanitizing. Some are for the princess pleasure.

Found a lot of infant plushies.....glow worms...3 lovies...pooh...Barker the dog...Care Bear w/tags...and two dressing buddies.  I think they all deserve a trip to the spa....well, Care Bear will just have to watch.
Plushies, 14 onesies and 5 mens shirts

And, not to leave out the vintage lovers in all of us I did find some vintage dresses. The beige looks like a librarian and the pink could be June Cleaver, with the addition of some pearls.

What is it with vintage dresses and no belts?

Hope everyone had a great weekend and found lots of great stuff.

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  1. I love the frog costume! I left you a note in ebay undergroud discussion about if this was for sale or not.