front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, July 14, 2011


If you are like me and have had a craptastic week, to quote a friend, I have the solution. Thrift therapy is just the thing you need to exhaust you in 100F heat and lift your spirits.

Only hit two stores yesterday. The big, big thrift and her little sister. All of this came from the big, big thrift. All I purchased at the little sister was some old classroom abc ephemera, colored pencils for the grand kids and a tupperware bread saver.
I have been looking for a Starbucks mug for a while. They seem to sell well on ebay and I could use the money. Finally found one, a 16 oz from 2007 with an older logo. Also a Lion Coffee Hawaiian Islands mug and a Konitz mug. Also picked up a vintage aluminum cocktail shaker with the original four shot glasses. I think the shaker was from a travel set. The clothes in the back are for resale. I haven't tried my hand at clothes yet. I have researched and found certain high end clothes sell for quite a bit. These are not high end, just medium end. We will see how they go. Only spent $2 on the clothes, so no big loss if they don't go for high dollar.

The other item I found deserved a picture all by itself. Most of the knick knacks at the big, big thrift were half price so I took a chance on this. My daughter and I had seen it a couple of weeks ago and had a good laugh about it. I didn't expect it to still be sitting on the shelf. But here it is in all its glory......A hand made treasure from pottery class, and only 38c. I present to you Mr. Richard Head.......and you know what his friends call him.
Don't you know somebody's Momma is proud!!

I think I need more thrift therapy today, don't you?


  1. Heeeelarious! Sometimes it is great to have something like that to just make you laugh! You never know, you may be able to resell it to some pretentious art snob as a real masterwork of abstraction ;-)

  2. I have been trying to decide if I want to keep it or "allow it to be purchased by a collector" on ebay. When my daughter saw it on the shelf, we both cracked up.