front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Do you ever feel like you need more than 24 hours in a day? I mean, where does all the time go everyday.
Wake up.....breakfast....dishes...nap...lunch...dishes...nap...dinner...
How much is one person suppose to do?

Seriously, I have been trying to come up with something to earn some income while I am waiting for the right job. (drumming fingers on table). If I wanted a job anywhere from 45 to 50 miles away there are a few available. If I wanted a job 15-20 miles from home....not so many.

I have listed for years on ebay and had good luck selling most of the things I listed. Heck, we sold two motorcycles on ebay several years ago.  My husband has retired and has a boatload of tools that he gave the best of to the Princess' Dad because he can use them. What is left he is selling a piece at a time.

But the way ebay operates has changed over the years and now auctions are not as popular as the Buy It Now (BIN) and the BIN/OBO(or best offer). I guess that gives the customer more control over the final price and the only person they have to deal with is the seller, not a number of unknown people bidding on the same thing.

I have a boatload of stuff (think Titanic size)   I could sell and a smaller boatload (think USS Minnow size) of things I want to sell. I mean, I can't get rid of all of my collections at one time. The house would be too clean and that would be a disaster.

I have decided to bite the bullet and sort through my collections and get rid of some things. I know, my family will disown me, but I'll have to take that chance. 

I have a store now on ebay. Stores give you a better listing price, but they charge more of the final sale. Nobody wins but ebay and paypal (owned by ebay). I have been looking around for an alternative to ebay. Etsy, I have two shops there, is for handmade and vintage. Not just regular stuff like ebay. I have found an alternative that I hope will work out.

It is called  Bonanza. No not the one with the Cartwright boys and Pa. This is an auction site like ebay, but much more seller friendly. I don't have much listed, but I am working on it. So check me out and see what I have. Check back later cause I hope to have more stuff listed.

As soon as I add more hours to the day......


  1. Love your fur babies.
    I used to have a store on Bonanza, back then it was Bonanzle, and I loved it. I sold a few of my vintage collectibles there.
    I have been thinking of reopening my store since paypal has put a hold on my incoming payments until I list and sell more with ebay.........seems they have decided i am a high risk seller because I only sell every once in a while.

    I wish you the very best of luck. Are you gonna have a link to your store here on the blog?

  2. Thanks, so far I like Bonanza. It is really easy to upload all of your active ebay stuff. Twice the chance to sell something. I will put up a link when I figure it out!! ;)