front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, July 18, 2011


To finish out my craptastic week, I felt the need to go yard sale-ing. That turned out to be a good choice. Last week end you couldn't buy a yard sale, this weekend they were all over the place.

The first stop was just down the road from our little castle. That was our best stop of the day. I was immediately dazzled by the array of TOYS!!! I have a little princess that has a birthday this month and I have been on the look out for something appropriate. She loves Littlest Pet Shop and this first stop had loads and loads of LPS and Polly Pocket. I loaded up on LPS.
I decided on the playground. Everything there except for part of the dog walk.

And a basket of 57 LPS animals, several duplicates, but a fantastic find. Also a LPS talking diary (with a guard dog that barks) from another stop. And a bag of PEZ holiday dispensers.
And two more great finds from this stop for fantastic prices and going straight to ebay.
A Melissa and Doug Wooden Dollhouse !!!
Melissa and Doug are not at home, they must be out yard sale-ing!!
And a Breyer Barn, with everything but the horse.
I must commend the parents of the two girls who owned these toys. They kept them in such great shape and they still played with them. And then they sold them and got to spend the money on something new.

Other sales yielded some royal garments for the princesses and some small items for ebay.
I haven't seen this Hello Kitty game before, hardly played with.
Some of the clothes I picked up and a Harmony Care Bear (sings and dances) and an I Know Your Name Elmo, that works. I always hesitate to pick up things that require batteries, but I was lucky this time and they both worked.

I was sitting in the den, going over all of the toys, checking for damage and just seeing what was there, when my SweetiePie says, "I'm going to have to limit the number of toys that you buy". I guess if I am playing with my toys he feels neglected......

I am linking up with Apron Thrift Girl this week.


  1. I have that same Melissa and Doug doll house, and I also got it for a steal (think free) at the dump! It is such a pretty little house with lovely sturdy furniture. My poor Melissa and Doug were inside the house, probably terrified at ending up at the dump - but now living happily ever after on my daughter's shelf :-)

    I love the bran you got too! Great finds.

  2. I can't imagine throwing such a cute doll house in.the.trash!!! I could never do that. My momma didn't raise me to throw away good stuff!!!
    Poor Melissa and Doug. I wonder if the Melissa and Doug that lived in my house will come back home to find their house gone....((gasp))...such a shock.

  3. What wonderful treasures you found! And they all look like they are in reat condition! Thank you for joining TTF nd have a fun weekend!

  4. Thanks I love seeing what other people have found almost as much as I love finding them myself!!