front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, May 16, 2011


When you are in the DollarStore do you just look at the junky stuff amazing variety of items available?
I saw this item when I was cruising the candy aisle.Proudly brought to you by YUPI brands,and squirting ketchup and mustard bottles.
What the......?
I just had to waste a dollar to find out what it was all about.

One gummy hot dog, with ketchup, mustard and I'm guessing the green is relish.
Two gummy hamburgers with ketchup, cheese and the green stuff again. Don't know where the "hamburger" is unless it is yellow or green.
Three gummy colas shaped like a bottle.
A gummy pizza, "cut" into 5 pieces topped with red, purple, yellow and of course green globs of toppings.
A pack of sour gummy fries, that are yellow and sprinkled with something that looks like salt.
250 calories of "YUM".
In order to be fair in my product review I decided to sample the gummies, "bursting with natural fruit juice!".
I think bursting is too strong a word for the gummies. Escaping, or oozing would be a more accurate choice. The hamburger bun tasted like a dried marshmallow, the ketchup, cheese and relish tasted like flavorless chewing gum and while the cola tasted sorta like a cola beverage it had the texture of pleather, you know, plastic leather.

The cutest thing was the packaging on the inside, the outside was kinda weird. The hamburger on the front has drawn on google eyes and the lettuce and cheese and hamburger look like plastic

Oh well I have wasted a dollar on much worse things.

And according to the package, the YUPI brand is a proud sponsor of the Rain Forest Rescue.

My recommendation, Save Your Dollar +tax
On this trip to the DollarStore it was easy to sort out the trash from the treasure.

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