front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I love me some crafty stuff.

It is my excuse for not doing housework. works
Not now SweetiePie, I have to finish this for a craft show.

No SweetiePie, I can't make chocolate chip cookies, I have to finish.....wait I'll make an exception for chocolate chip cookies.

I did a local craft show over the weekend. It turned out to be really nice weather. Not really hot, not windy and the crowds were great. My booth was not too close to the music venue and the face painting booth so I had a great time. It's like getting paid to people watch.  Or kinda like Funny People of Wal-mart but just at a craft show. I am proud to say that everything in my booth was recycled.
Even my Folk Art Painting!!
My main craft this time was recycled note books.
Everybody loves mac&cheese
You need something to drink with that mac&cheese.

I search through my family's garbage and rescue boxes, game cards and anything that I think I can use for making recycled notebooks. I have been known to dive into a trash receptacle just to "rescue" a cute box. This is the first time I have had a public showing of my recycled notebooks and I got varied responses.  A blank stare was the most popular one. Then "how clever", "oh you are so smart", "what a great idea" and of course the person who picked the book up while I was giving my sales pitch of what it was and then threw it down like a dirty diaper.
Milk cartons recycled into coin purses
Really, I rescue them before they are in the trash, not after they lounge around in the garbage can for a week.

This craft is much more than making something to sell. To me, it is a way to save something that would be sent to the landfill and keep it useful for a while longer.

Of course, eventually it will go to the landfill, but while we still keep it around it is useful and cute to look at. I try to use everything 100% recycled for the book but sometimes I can't get the spiral binding that is made from recycled plastic. But the paper and cardboard is always 100% recycled.

It's the least I can do for my great-great grandchildren. I am doing my part to help recycle.

How about you?

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