front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Did everyone have a good New Year's Eve and Day?

I was a good girl and stayed in after I got home on NYEve. Not a big party person. And we have been sick since Christmas so no one was in the mood for partying. SweetiePie even went to bed before midnight. I was still working on inventory and watched the local festivities. No, not the possum drop, the acorn drop. After all Raleigh is the City of Acorns. Makes sense because it is the state capital, home of the state legislature and political stuff and acorns are nuts.......

I had one last coupon for $10 off at my favorite thrift store and I just couldn't bring myself to let it go to waste. So off I go to cash in the coupon. My first stop was the newer thrift store that is in an upscale neighborhood always rewards me with some goodies. NYE was no different.  Thanks to some thrifting blogs that I read, I picked up a couple of good things.
A Wearever Super Shooter, a Laural Birch coffee mug, a PC Gingerbread House Stoneware kit NIP, a make up mirror and an Andis Air Styler.
I think I remember reading something about this Andis thingy. It heats up air and blows it through you hair that is wrapped around the curling iron. I can't find any on ebay right now, but I will keep looking for more info on it before I list.

I also picked up a Goofy huge mug, 15 skirts, 22 blouses, 1 dress and 10 different sheets, some sets. Care to guess my total expenditure?  A whopping $48.71.  I think that is a pretty decent haul considering that I can almost make that back with the super shooter alone. Everything else is just gravy.

And I am saving the best part for last. The second thrift store I went to is the one with the free stuff area and the outside bins for 25 cents. I went back to the free bins and it looked like a garbage dump. Broken this, broken that and just plain junk in the bins. Then I decided to check out the books on the other side and when I walked around the corner what did my "wondering eyes behold" but boxes and boxes of toys. There was a guy bringing out boxes of toys, some new some old, but boxes of stuff. This was stuff that they had no room for inside, which I found out when I went inside. So they literally took it out of your vehicle into the back door and brought it back out in a few minutes to the free area. Now, I don't want it to look like I was greedy and took all of the free stuff, not by any stretch of the imagination. I took two hauls to my truck and this is what I got.

This is the majority of the free stuff. From left to right. A Pampers box with mega bloks Dora Explorer house, assorted mega bloks and a bunch of little action figures. Sitting on that box is a Disney castle, next LPS stuff, Mermaid keyboard, a NIP Ariel doll, a stack of books and games (mostly new),  TMNT figures, Hot Wheels play set, Tonka helicopter (no sound), new fairy wings, 2 Buzz Lightyear, BABW purple slumber party bear, and all of the stuff piled up on the right is new stuff. There are 5 new pair of children's slippers, a fleece throw, new lipstick, nail glitter and boxes of crayons. The other stuff in the front is just a mish mash of stuff. Oh, on the rocker behind the books is a new winter tek jacket NWT and a Harley boys fleece jacket.
On the corner of the couch are a bunch of Lego sets, NIP and a bunch more PC games. Some of the PC games are the original case with a copy disc inside. Can't sell those, but there is a stack of instruction manuals on the left that will sell just as well. And a group of 12 Disney princess vinyl figures that were in the castle.

Think I took more than my share? When I left there were about 15 huge boxes full of the same sort of stuff that I picked up. I got one large box and two smaller boxes with stuff. So I did leave lots for everyone else.

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