front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Freezing My Butt Off

 You know its bad in the South when school is closed. Yesterday a neighboring county closed school all day because the weatherman predicted snow...LATE in the day. Our county, a very rural county, had school but got out early. Not a flake of snow until about 6pm here at the palace.

Now, I have lived in the South, specifically in NC, all of my life. We are the worst snow people in the world. If the weatherman even thinks about that word...SNOW...they shut the schools, cancel the soaps and have full time coverage of the non-snow weather. It is so funny...kinda. And it is pathetic also. Gotta get those ratings.

Then the weatherman gets on TV and talks about all of the ice, snow, and power outages after the snow gets here. What to do in a power outage, what to do in the snow. If you have a power outage how are you able to watch TV and find out what to do? My SweetiePie just spent 2 hours at lunch watching the weather from our local TV station. I really don't need to see a grown man, TV reporter, slide down a snow covered hill while I'm eating my lunch. Really? Nothing to report?

At the first talk of snow everyone rushes to the grocery store for bread, milk and eggs. Why? I saw one man leaving the grocery store with 6 loaves of bread and a cart full of milk and bottled water and beer. Now, I don't know who he was feeding, but 6 loaves of bread? Yes, I did go to the grocery store, but not for bread or milk. I needed eggs and of course since it's cold I needed ice cream. What? A girls gotta have her treats.
So quiet and serene
SweetiePie got the car out
We have about 3" on the ground now and it's not going anywhere for a few days. My daughter who lives about 50 miles south of us got 6". The weatherman is predicting 7 for tonight. By this weekend it will be in the 60's  and the snow should be gone.

What I really want to know is when will I be able to go thrifting?

UPDATE: Found the names of the Pokemon plush guys
The yellow with gray stripes is Elekid and the flower looking girl is Bellossom and the little, round one that zipps into a poke ball is Togepi. Yeah, research rules and  they are listed as of this morning. Time will tell, but at least I know their names. Priced them kinda high and will hope for the best, if not, I'll lower the price.


  1. In middle Georgia, we are the same way about snow. They canceled schools on Tuesday just on the off chance that we actually would get a few flurries. Then, they canceled school on Wednesday because we did get snow Tuesday night. They then canceled school on Thursday because snow was still on the ground. It's funny, but after what happened in Atlanta, it makes our school boards look like geniuses.

  2. We had the same Snowmageddon in Raleigh 6 or 7 years ago and it took me 11 hours to get home from work (24 miles) and we only had less than an inch of snow. I only consider it a good snow if we have enough to make snow cream!!