front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

As Expected...

How do you feel about feedback?

Everyone dreads to open their email and find a case has been opened because the buyer didn't like something, you missed something, or the post office hasn't delivered. I have a little panic attack every time I find a message from a customer in my email. It could be nice or it could mean disaster.

I received a personal email from someone who recently purchased a yogurt maker. I think it was very nice of them to leave me such a nice message. They had received the machine and it worked. That was nice but at last check they hadn't left feedback. Probably won't. Do I care? Yes. And no. Feedback means a lot to my ebay status but now that ebay has changed things it doesn't mean much to someone checking my feedback, other than numbers. They can't see who purchased an item, what the item was or the cost of the item. All about numbers.

The interesting feedback of the week? Well it was a tie between two feedback responses. The first was for a TI graphing calculator ($65+ shipping) that went to Russia.
"thank you brothers, all the best, I recommend"
All is not lost in translation, brother.

The second item was one of two yogurt makers ($20+shipping)I picked up at my favorite thrift. When I picked them they were really dirty, but all of the glass containers and lids were there and no cracks to the unit.
"like to inform you, we have received the Yogurt- Maker and it works fine. Wish you a good week with best wishes."
 I am always relieved when something arrives safely, especially if it is glass. And I always want a good week!!

But the winner, hands down, was for this item I picked out of the free section on New Years Eve. Not a big sale, but it was new with all of the pieces. $13+shipping
The feedback response? "As expected"

I suppose I should be grateful that I have great feedback and she expected to receive what I had described. But I was hoping for a few more words.


  1. I've gotten a few "as expected" comments also. Not bad, but doesn't seem good either, does it? Your other ones were wonderful though! I too am always relieved when something arrives safe and sound, especially glass! I've got a BIG box of jars going out today and I keep questioning whether I should have just sent them in 2 boxes! Hope they make it safe! Love your blog! ~~Pam

    1. Yes, glass really keeps me on edge until it arrives. I once tried to send a mug in a flat rate envie. It didn't make it. I use boxes now, even if it means going over what the buyer paid for shipping. Live and learn. Hope your big box of jars make it all safe. Canning jars are pretty sturdy.

  2. I pretty much make myself sick over ebay messages. I dread opening them. and when I see a new feedback, my palms get all sweaty and I wonder if they dinged my stars. Since I do not sell a lot like some sellers, two negatives and low dsrs can wreck havoc on my store. and now that ebay has been kicking sellers off for low dsr's, I panic every time I ship something. Not a way to do business but Ebay has the most traffic so what can you do besides be heavily medicated?

  3. Ebay likes to keep the sellers "on the edge" all the time. I guess they think it makes you do what they want you to do. I wish I could sell somewhere else, but like you say ebay has the most traffic.
    Heavily medicated? I'll drink to that ;)