front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Haulin' Denim....

Call me crazy. No, it's ok I've been called worse.

I finally got chance to go thrifting yesterday, finally. The weather, family birthdays, a new well pump, and lots of other normal things just kept getting in the way. Life is like that, I suppose.

I got a late start and decided to go to just two of my favorite stores. The first stop usually has a big rack of 2/$1 items. They have all sizes from children to XL on several racks up front. When I went racks. Oh no I would have to pay....gasp....full price!! But fear not I saw the racks had been moved and more added. The entire length of one side of the store, up against the wall, were about 20 rolling racks of STUFF!! And they were bringing out more stuff. The girls were in the process of going through the racks and removing items to make room for more items. My lucky day. I skipped over the children's items since most were shorts and pj's and miscellaneous clothing. I went straight for the ladies wear. I noticed that there were a lot of blue jeans in the racks. Score!!

I spent about an hour "analyzing" the clothing. The jeans were not the big name ones, but were in excellent shape. I figured for 50c I could make $10 profit on most of them. I also found several silk, linen, and workout pants. In total I purchased 31 pair of jeans/pants. I had a coupon for BOGO for winter coats and sweaters but after going through the coats and sweaters looking for big names I didn't find any.

Then on my way to the bathroom I saw that their linen bin was overflowing. There were 3 big bins of linens piled high. I came back to them and the first sheet I saw was a Sandra Boynton dinosaur sheet. More digging yielded an entire set plus another fitted. Score. Next a Mickey Mouse set, a king flannel set, a twin flannel set, a twin transformer set and several odd pillowcases. I was moving around the pillows in the pillow bin to get to the backside of the linens and happened to notice that it was a Sleep Innovations memory foam pillow and he had a brother. Double Score. And in a big plastic tote under the bin, tied up tightly were TWO down comforters. Double Score.

And I'm still on the lookout for towels for my daughter so I found six very large, very fluffy bath towels. Score for her.

By this time my cart was so full I was having trouble navigating and I hadn't even been to the housewares. But I never let that hamper my searching. Didn't find much in housewares or toys.

My next stop was my favorite thrift with the outside free bin. Nothing in the free bins. Nada. Zilch. Just garbage. Lots of big plastic toy pieces and junk. They need to just dump that stuff and be done.
Two down comforters, silk pants on left, jackets and coats on right
Inside I was able to use my BOGO coupon for coats. I scored two London Fog jackets, a LizSport barn coat, Brooks Bros trench coat, Chico's white jacket NWT, a 5X quilted jacket, Sunderland of Scotland wind shirt,  and a Dannimac rain coat. I didn't know anything about the Dannimac brand but it is made in Great Britain and there are a lot of vintage coats on ebay now. From the style I don't think mine is vintage but it is in great shape.

So, I really have a lot to do. Wash all of the washable stuff and get everything up to my photograph area and get my butt in gear.

93 items to get moving. What was I thinking?

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