front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, July 26, 2013


Could someone explain this to me? 

I had a black duvet cover that I purchased with a down comforter inside. I took out the down comforter and made a pretty penny on it. Then I was left with this very black duvet cover. It had down feathers on the inside and as soon as I walked in the door at home all of the cat hair in the house decided to live on the comforter.

I ran it through the laundry and hung it out on the line to dry. Still has cat hair. I doubt if I could ever get it all off of that dang black duvet.

I listed it this morning after some research into what they were going for. It was a Target Room Essentials, but it was in very good condition although not new in package. I checked and it seemed that $11.99 was the going rate for this color, NIP. But one little thing, they wanted anywhere from $8-12 shipping. Huh?

Now don't swoon over my fantastic photo. This is the only
picture I put in my listing. I mean, its black. What can you
see on a black comforter besides cat hair?

So, I listed it EUC for $12.99. And it just sold!  I did put a disclaimer about the cat hair and I plan on trying to get more off before I ship. But I think I done good!!!

I can ship a complete set of twin sheets in a flat rate envie. A twin duvet is not as big as a set of sheets. I do realize that I have an advantage that it was not in the original package, which has cardboard inserts and is folded small and is thick.

But jeeze Louise, I get zapped for being $2 over on shipping and some folks are asking twice as much.

**For those of you that don't remember I Love Lucy, Ricky was always saying to Lucy, "Luuucee, you got some 'splaining to do" when she got into trouble.

PS: I was making sure that all possible cat hair was removed before shipping the duvet. I thought that putting the cover in the dryer would get the hair off. Big joke. So I hung the cover on the clothes line and went to work with tape. After about 20 minutes of "perspiring like a pig" (hey, its hot here-90 degrees at 10am.) I had the cover relatively clean.
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So, half a roll of tape later it was good to go. I hope I don't get zapped for the bit of cat hair that is probably still hiding on the duvet cover. I sure am glad it's going to someone else house. I have enough cat hair magnets in my house.

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