front porch trash

front porch trash

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Last weekend was a bust on the yard sale circuit. Not very many sales in my area. And it looked like rain. I hit a few sales and picked up a few things.

New Stephen Joseph backpack, Pyrex flamewear, Rolodex

So, I headed to SmartA**'s house to work on her kitchen cabinets. We got the first coat of paint on the outside of the cabinets and needed time to let it dry so we decided to visit a nearby thrift store. She has been looking for something industrial to upcycle into a light over her kitchen sink. 

We were on the way when we saw a sign at a thrift that we had been to before. "Everything 50% off". Whoa!! time to make a U-turn.

They closed at 5 and it was after 4, so we had to make a quick sweep of things we were really interested in.
I had commented that I had seen a vacuum coffee pot there earlier and if it was still there I may just pick it up at half price. I really didn't think it would be there, but one can always hope.

Well, the coffee pot was still there. Original price was $25, so that meant $12.50. I still could make a decent profit on that. It had both pots, the seal, but did not have the glass rod or a top lid. I could try to find a glass rod on ebay at maybe a decent price. Into the cart it goes.

In great shape, tags says Cory, but it's a Silex
I had commented to the clerk that at $25 the coffee pot was overpriced, especially since it was missing an essential part that made it work. But for half price I could "try" to find the needed part to make it work. She rang up my stuff and made sure the girl helping her got the coffee pot wrapped. I had 10 pairs of shoes and some other stuff and wasn't paying attention when she told me the total. I just handed her my card, signed the receipt and left.

It was on the way to the car that SmartA** said, "How much did she charge you for that coffee pot?"
I really didn't know. Until I checked the receipt. Holy Crap Batman....25c and then 50% off of that. A whopping 13c. What????? Someone wasn't paying attention, and it wasn't just me.

Now, when we left it was a few minutes after 5 and we were already out of the parking lot when SmartA** looked at the receipt.

Should I feel guilty or not?

We were so excited that we had time to hit another thrift store before heading back to finish painting. I didn't find much but SmartA** found a great vintage sewing machine, heavy duty. Like this. It was half price at $7.50 and needed to be cleaned and sanitized!! But a great buy. She has curtains to fashion for her new residence and this will be perfect, dahling.

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