front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, July 8, 2013


Do you recycle?

I do. I try to recycle whatever I can within reason. I try to remember to take cloth bags with me when I shop. I actually feel guilty when I forget to get them out of the car before I go in the store. Senior moments really suck.

When I sell things on ebay I reuse lots of boxes, cardboard, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and such. I save all of my big plastic bags that I get at the thrift store and use them to stuff in shoe toes or sometimes to take stuff back to the thrift store. I don't use packing stuff that smells or is dirty. I have been known to wash bubble wrap before using it.

So when I purchase something on ebay I don't mind if it comes in a used box. But some things I do mind.
A box with poop is towards the top of my list
I purchased something on ebay and it arrived in this box. The outside bar codes were carefully marked over and they had used newspaper inside for cushioning. It was when I removed the newspaper that I saw this. POOP.

Now who would send a box off with an item they sold with poop in it?

Thank goodness the item I purchased was glass and not fabric or something I was going to wear. I immediately put this outside on the deck, because, really who wants a box with poop in their house. The cat handles that job nicely.

I thought long and hard about what kind of feedback to leave. I did get what I purchased. It did arrive rather quickly. It was as described. I was charged excess shipping. So I did leave positive feedback, but also a comment about the excess shipping. When I get over the grossed out  factor I am going to message the seller and let her know about the poop issue. I can't wait to hear the excuse.

This was no new seller. Over 9,000 sales!!! How in the world did this happen? I mean, I reuse boxes. Heck I even shipped something double boxed one time with a popsicle box as the inside box. I save macaroni boxes, Dove soap boxes, and any box that I can use. I regularly visit our local ABC store and get their boxes. But I have never shipped poop before and don't plan on ever shipping poop.

Feel free to go wash your hands now.


  1. Did you ever message that seller? I reuse ss well but think I would have caught that

    1. I finally received a reply to my email after about a week. She said it was totally her fault about the box and that her printer had been broken so she could not respond to my message...? I think that was an apology, but for the life of me I can't figure out how the printer had anything to do with the poop or overcharge for shipping. She did refund the shipping. After this little incident I am super careful about reusing shipping.