front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have been sitting here sweating, perspiring, (ladies perspire) and it occurred to me that it is super hot outside. I know, sometimes it takes me a while to notice things. Like the fact it has been 90+ for the last gazillion days, with humidity to match. But in the last few days I have mailed out several Christmas and cold weather items.
Like these:
Black Leather Camper boots, to Switzerland
 These leather boots are definitely for cold weather and the day I shipped them it was 93. But I'm sure that the new owner in Switzerland will get lots of wear from them. Had them listed for less than a day, about 12 hours, and they were gone. A brand I didn't know much about, but when I picked them up I could tell from the feel of the leather that they were a good brand.Leather like buttah!! Camper brand, made in Morocco.

Had two of these and sold both withing the last 2 days
Blowmold Santa from the 50-60's

 When I picked these Santa decorations up my daughter asked me what in the world I wanted with "those things". I can't wait to tell her how much I sold them for!! Silly old me remembers this kind of kitsch from the 50's and 60's. Really cheaply made in Taiwan or Japan but all the rage for a while.

I remember being so disappointed at an estate sale in town at an older lady's home. When we got there the place was sparkling clean. Nothing left but furniture, some random kitchen items and oh yeah! a pristine set of Pyrex primary color bowls for $4. I was standing under the carport talking to Bruce, the sale guy and next door neighbor, and I commented that I didn't see any Christmas stuff. You would expect that a person would accumulate lots of Christmas stuff over the years, especially with children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and friends. He said, "Oh yeah there were boxes and boxes of that stuff in the basement. I threw most of it in the dump."(Note to self: Make friends with Bruce. Offer to "help" at the next estate sale)

This cold weather treat went to Australia. I can see this
type of item selling there now since they are having
winter now.

I thought this snowman mug was so cute. It would be a good little gift filled with packets of hot chocolate. Before I did my research, Hallmark mugs, I thought that maybe a piece was missing. Like a head shaped mug on top of the scarf to make a set of two. But not the case.So, again, do your research.

So it just goes to prove that it is best to keep all kinds of things in your store because you never know what someone is looking for. I'm getting ready now to start with Halloween and fall stuff and then more winter stuff. Just stuff and more stuff.

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