front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, April 4, 2011


My first Saturday of the "season" yard sailing. Found a few to keep, a few to sell and some more garb for the princesses.
Found these Vera Bradley bags at two different places.

Found these wooden trouser hangers for a craft project I have in mind.
Ten for 75 cents.

Found these vintage metal trays for 50 cents each. Someone had already applied a coat of paint and ruined the patina so I am turning these into chalk message boards with the addition of some chalkboard paint (purchased at the Habitat store for $1.00) for my craft show.

Found the old metal items at a church yard sale for 50 cents each. Some are mine and some will get a primitive folk art painting.

And all of this was free. Just the right price.(Not the muffin tin.)
Just put a battery in the watch and it works great. Perfect for taking pulses at work.

 Love the graphics on this old package. There are muffin cups inside and the original price of 11 cents stamped on the bottom.
Also found an aqua LLBean windbreaker at the church yard sale. Forgot to take a picture and it is in the wash.
Hope everyone found lots of wonderful stuff.


  1. LOVE those muffin/cupcake cups! How neat! Just found your your sense of humor! Will be back!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.
    I read yours every day!!!