front porch trash

front porch trash

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sorry to take so long to post to my blog, but good ole' life just kept getting in the way.
The 16th was our 39th anniversary, SweetiePie had some cardiac tests (everything OK) and I just HAD to go to an estate sale. I have my priorities, don't you know. And, I started a new job!!

SweetiePie wanted to know what I wanted for our anniversary. We don't usually do anything super expensive for our anniversary, just spend the day doing stuff together. SweetiePie asked what I wanted to do and I said go to an estate sale that I had seen listed. They had something I was really interested in. Well, as it turned out, my daughter and I ended up going. (He wanted to sleep in). I knew if we didn't get there early that my prize would be gone. When the door opened I made a beeline for this:
 And I got it!!! A real bargain at 1/3 the cost of a new one. I have been looking for one for a loooong time.

******We interrupt this blog to bring you an update:  The lizard has been captured!!******
Four, count them, four cats in the house and a human catches the lizard. Must have come in when we opened the door from the deck.

******Film at 11. We now return you to the regularly scheduled blog.******

Also got a few other things at the estate sale and some things at a yard sale this weekend.

The picnic basket is in great shape and was filled with aluminum cookware and dinnerware. Didn't want the cookware, but it was there. The guitar will be for the grandkids. The airplanes, raccoon (or is it a badger?) little tea set, art pencils (over 100 high dollar art pencils...$2-3 each!!),puzzle and candle/flower arranger and vintage model airplanes are headed for ebay at some point. The picnic basket will be used for storage in my studio.The little suitcase will be painted with a folk art design sometime in the future. And the stack of  20 vintage linen calenders (1966 to 1996) will be sorted and listed somewhere.

This is the yard sale stuff:
Look at all of those wonderful metal bits!!!! The little shoe on the right will become a pin cushion, the rolling pin will get painted, the webbing will become key chains and the wire basket will be for display at my craft show.  Don't know if you can see the clear plastic ruler behind the planter, but it will be used in my craft room and the little metal rulers on the front left will be used in my sewing. Various metal bits will end up on etsy at some time. Like, when I get around to it.... Oh and that magnificent green McCoy planter from the 1930's that is in super duper shape? It will be on ebay soon. They asked $3 for this lot. Twenty five pieces in all. It was a yard sale to benefit the owner of a favorite thrift store who has huge medical bills from falling and breaking some bones. My husband gave them $5 for the lot. Do you think I got my moneys worth?

And because my thrift karma has been sooooooo good lately, I took this to the rescue mission thrift store. Ten bags packed with clothes and stuff and a dog to guard it all. Hey. I donated more than I brought back.

So, did anyone find anything fantastic lately? I'm dying to know


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