front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, April 15, 2011


Do you read the instructions?
Do you always follow the directions?

I do always sometimes. My Dad was the world's worst for getting something put together and having something left over. A bolt, nut, washer or some screws. THEN he got out the instructions and had to take it apart and reassemble. Would have been better to read the first time and only put something together once.

 But I digress.

I had some bananas that either had to be thrown out or made into something. Out comes the cookbook. Banana bread or banana muffins? I decided on banana muffins. No slicing, no messy crumbs all over the counter. Self contained snack. Great for the lunchbox.

Got everything out of the cabinet, mixed everything and went to get muffin cups. Grabbed a box of aluminum muffin cups. Now, if you have never used aluminum muffin cups you can stand them alone on a cookie sheet and you don't need a muffin pan. I have 6 muffin pans (mine, my Moms-- I think they got friendly and multiplied) so I don't really need the aluminum muffin cups.
Oh wait, each aluminum muffin cup is separated by a paper liner. Double for your money. Let's see what the directions say......

 Discard paper separations.  WHAT? Are you crazy? Why would I throw away perfectly good paper liners just because they are in between the aluminum ones? Makes NO sense.
Guess which ones I used? Right, the paper throw-aways. My momma didn't raise no fool. (at least where muffin cups are concerned).
Time for a snack!! HEY, who stuck their finger in my muffins? Where is SweetiePie?

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