front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, April 28, 2011


While my SweetiePie was paying the bill for breakfast last Saturday, I peeped out the door and saw a yard sale in the parking lot. Be still my heart!!! Breakfast out AND a yard sale. I spied something that I thought might be of interest and took off out of the door. A rather sad looking stack of clay pots, but wait a minute what is this in the top? A genUwine Mccoy planter?  cha-ching.
I  love the patina of old things. Maybe that is why I am trying to preserve MY patina. I have listed the planter on ebay and keep your fingers crossed. I also picked up all of that other junk all of the other vintage treasures. Look at this:

I had no clue what these were. Do you?
They are the grinding/cutting discs that are inserted in a sausage/meat grinder. You know the old vintage ones that you clamp on the table and use on hog killin'day to make sausage.
As it turns out, these discs often get separated from the grinder and people are probably like me and have no clue as to what they are. Now you and I know. I am planning on listing mine on ebay and see where they go. I was going to break the set up and sell them as metal bits. Glad I researched a bit.

So, the leason learned today boys and girls is to that you not only have to find trash, clean trash, horde  save trash, but you need to research trash.

Thought you needed to know.

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