front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, March 14, 2011


I was being a good wife and on my way to see my SweetiePie at the hospital on Sunday when my daughter twisted my arm behind my back and forced me into the Goodwill. Of course I started kicking and screaming. You should have seen the shocked shoppers. Parent Abuse!!

Well, as long as I was there it wouldn't hurt to look around.....just a little.

And that is just what I found, a little.  One Andy Warhol butterfly snack dish, one package of unused scrapbook stamps (original price $.99, Goodwill price $1.) . Blah.........

I read a lot of thrifting blogs and I long for the Goodwill that has half price day. Ours never does. And no bulk center where everything is sold by the pound for one price. Love those!!

And ours don't have bathrooms either. Well, they have bathrooms but not for the shoppers. What's with that?
Other retail stores are required to provide public rest rooms. What makes Goodwill different?  Other Goodwill's in the state provide public rest rooms, but not the ones in the Eastern section. I don't have little ones any more and I feel sorry for the parents shopping and the kids that "gotta go".

Have some sympathy Goodwill.....let us go.

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