front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, March 4, 2011

Saving the Trash

I have been a crafter most of my life. When I was little I was encouraged to make my own doll clothes and for the most part I made my own fun. I had older brothers, much older, and I was like an only child. No other kids to play with, just me. So I made my own fun. The rabbit hutch became my oven for baking mud pies. The chicken house (without chickens) was my play house. And we saved everything. My parents grew up in the Great Depression and had to learn to make do or do without.

My Mom always made just about all of my clothing, but I got the scraps to make my doll clothes. That is after the big pieces were put in the quilt top pile. Nothing went to waste. As I got older, I started to make my own clothes for school. I would work in the summer to earn enough to by school clothes. It didn't take long for my little brain to figure out that I could purchase fabric for at least TWO outfits for what ONE skirt or blouse cost.

I guess that is what got me hooked on saving things.

Now I save trash. No, really. I save trash.

Just look at what you have to do to preserve the trash so it will be useful later.
I carefully cut the top off of packages, open boxes more carefully and never crush a milk carton or plastic milk jug. I am always finding new things I want to save.
I have a large room upstairs that I try to keep my junk treasures contained in, but the spillage gets bad sometimes. I mean, I have boxes and boxes of boxes, cardboard, lots of board  games, playing cards not to mention jewelry bits and baubles. I  just know that as soon as I throw something out I will need it.I have convinced myself, now I just have to convince my SweetiePie that I need all that stuff. I must admit he is very tolerant.
 Here is what I do with the ramen noodle bag. We had a long discussion one day on another board about all of the snack and sandwich bags that are sold on etsy and the fabric not being food safe. This snack sack is lined with unbleached muslin and we know the noodle bag is food safe.

So take a look at your trash. You can turn it into a treasure.

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