front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello?...Hello? is anybody out there?

Do you hear that kicking and screaming?

That's me being dragged into the world of blogging.

I am a mature individual *cough cough* that has lost her job, been back to school to get some 'learning and am now out in the world looking for a job.  Alas, so are about a zillion other folks.  Oh well, until I land that dream job I have been cleaning out my house of some of my unwanted junk, buying more junk and turning some of my existing junk into "can't live without treasures". At least I hope someone can't live without them.

I really started by blog to help my sanity. Lord knows I can't keep kicking the dog. Of course we don't have a dog, so don't get alarmed. It's just a Southern thing, we have cats.

I won't promise to post every day. But I do promise to use spell check.

I won't promise to make anyone happy but myself.
I won't have those annoying things that follow you on the page.
I won't make you listen to music that I like.

I will link this blog to my selling sights. You didn't think you would get off scott free!!
I will keep it clean.

Well I guess that is enough for today. Don't want to wear out my welcome.

Oh, about the name. My granddaughter, Green Princess, wanted to know why I was going through the trash. Her mom had saved me a bag of boxes and milk cartons and I was sorting them into different piles. I told her that some people throw out things that I can use to create treasures. And so the name Grandma's Trash was born. I'll have a link to my etsy shops as soon as I figure out how to link them.
Thanks for stopping by

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