front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Do you get tired of accepting things just because?
Do you want to be treated fairly?
Do you want good value for your hard earned money?
Who doesn’t!!

Wednesday is going to be my day to pick something to complain about.  I think I’ll have an endless supply of topics. As with much of the content of my blog, it will be about saving something, using something in an eco-friendly way or something that needs fixin’.

Today, bottles that have dispenser pumps need fixin’. You know the ones I’m talking about. You get lotion, shampoo and all sorts of liquids and gels in them.

What do you do when the pump no longer dispenses the contents? Do you just toss it in the trash? If you are like me, you take the lid off and see how much is left in the bottom. Then you sit the bottle back on the counter with the top not screwed on. The next time you need the lotion you take the pump out, use both hands to turn it upside down and pound it into your palm to get the lotion out. So much for the convenience of a dispenser pump.

How much stuff is left in the bottom of the bottle?  Sometimes an ounce or more. I know I looked. Why? Because the tube that feeds the contents into the pump is anywhere from ½ inch to one inch shorter than it should be.

Do manufacturers think that when we don’t get anything out of the pump that we just throw it away? Duh…with all that lotion left in the bottom?

Do manufacturers think that when we don’t get anything out of the pump we just assume that it’s empty?  You know what happens when you ass-u-me.

Do manufacturers think that you will buy their product more often by using this “throw away good stuff” trick?  Please, I’m not that stupid.

I have my own little trick to get the most out of my pump dispenser bottles. I reuse them. The ones that fall short get tossed and the ones that reach all the way to the bottom are saved. I know it sounds kinda strange but I don’t use the bottles just once.Once I find one that works I keep it for using with my home made concoctions.

I’ll share one of those concoctions tomorrow.

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