front porch trash

front porch trash

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Do you ever do something not realizing that you are really doing something?

Well, it would probably be more accurate to say that I didn't do something.

I forgot to go thrifting in November!!

I know, I can't believe it!!!

When Halloween was over I had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get listed for the holidays. Some for Thanksgiving, some for cold weather and some for Christmas.  That took a couple of weeks.

On Halloween my brother called and said they were coming the week of Thanksgiving. They come back every year or so to spend Thanksgiving with my SIL's family and we get to see them at the same time. But the kicker this time was that my niece and her family were coming. She has twins that we had never seen. Yeah!!  But something had to be done about all the mess that is associated with ebay selling, or my particular style of ebay selling. My ebay selling style is borderline hoarder, or maybe not so borderline. Maybe just across the border, or close to it.

So I spent the first two weeks of November sorting and organizing and removing to the foyer upstairs and my ebay room lots of stuff. Mountains of stuff. I also had to keep up with listing and shipping.

Then I had cleaning to do. Boy did I ever. But I got it done in time for their visit on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Everything went fine. Just a few things left undone. An only one spider web in the bathroom that I missed. And 14 people for dinner that night. Two desserts, a meal and entertainment for 4 kids. Piece of cake!? Chocolate Bavarian Torte please!!
I remember getting that garland and then something interrupted me and I never returned to fix it. The lights are laying right there and the glass tree top also. I noticed it the next day. Oh well. I had better things to do. And it is still sitting there just like that.

Then Thanksgiving at our house. Only 10 people for the big dinner. And I thought I would pass out I was so tired. Why did I bother to clean the kitchen floor before Thanksgiving? It looked like a dirty plate after dinner.

Only took me two days to recover from it all. But then I decided on Monday I was due a nice mani and pedi. Ahhhhhhh it was really nice. And I went with cranberry red toes, complete with sparkles. The manicurist said I should have sexy toes. Whatever!! The massage on the legs was like heaven.

Then after the pedicure I felt like going thrifting. I only hit two stores in town. It was late and I just wanted some down time. Didn't find much, one or two good things and some mediocre stuff. All will bring in a little profit and will add to the eclectic feel of my store.

Denim napkins, green tiki mug, pink suede girls boots, pink flamingo sugar and creamer, nesting dolls and a barbie "laptop". I also found a collapsible plastic crate for shopping, yard sale-ing and moving stuff around. A good variety. I found the boots in the linens bin, the laptop in the shoe rack and the tiki mug and nesting dolls were sitting side by side on the shelf. Maybe from the same donor? A trip to a tropical island?
The tiki mug is so cute. He even has a little butt crack! The flamingo sugar and creamer are perfect, still has the sticker on the bottom. The nesting dolls are really different and still had the original price tag, $32. The face looks like a Samoan warrior. I can't find anything like them online.
I am thinking Samoan because of the face tattoo but the third one from right looks like he is holding a boomerang. I don't know. Anyone know anything about these things before I list? All I have been able to find out is that nesting dolls that are men are pretty rare and these are some kind of warrior or tribal or something.

So, when I got all my goodies home I was logging them into my thrift log when I noticed that my last entry was 10-31-13. And today was 12-2-13. What?? It had been a month since I had been thrifting!!! I think that is the longest I have been without thrifting since I started up my ebay store full time.

I have vowed to be a better buyer and seller. I want to buy then list and then, hopefully, sell. In keeping with that vow, I have already cleaned everything up and it is photographed and edited and now I have to do my actual listing. But the hard part is done. I also grabbed at least 6 things out of my stash and added them to the box to get them listed. The goal is to nibble at the big pile until it is all gone.

I've been so good I think I need to go thrifting!!!


  1. The nesting dolls are cool. They are Maori which are the indigenous people of New Zealand. If you google Maori nesting dolls they will come up. If you ever saw the movie the Whale Rider it was about Maori. Very cool.

  2. Thank you so much "Oh Wise One". I had them scheduled to list on Sunday as Polynesian nesting dolls. I didn't connect New Zealand. I did notice the boomerang but couldn't connect it to the dolls. Thanks so much. There was another set just like these sold on ebay this summer. I'm sure that having the correct name will be the difference in selling and not selling. Thanks again

    1. Your welcome. The main reason I recognized them was because I had just read an article recently about a woman who was discriminated against because of her native mouth tattoo. It stuck in my head! Glad I could help. I hope you get a great price on them. I see there aren't any others like them on ebay right now so that's a good thing.