front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I hesitate to say I made a thrift score, because it usually comes back to bite me....somewhere. But I think I did on my thrift trip this week.

The first thing was a Tommy Bahama embroidered silk shirt.
It seems from the current listings that this blue is a more popular color than some of the others. This is XL, silk, and embroidered, ka-ching. One is listed for $39, $49 and $69. The blue one is the $69 one.

I hit the housewares section and found zilch, that is until I got to the plastics section. I had no idea what this was but it looked upscale.
Turns out is is ZOKU, the instant frozen pop thingy. The latest yuppie thing to have, I guess. This does not make the frozen pops, it stores them in your freezer. There are six pop sticks that fit into the red base so you can store them in the freezer. Fancy, smancy. Whatever happened to dixie cups with a popsicle stick? The other stuff is baby alpaca yarn. 10 balls of 50g each. A nice neutral color and sealed in the factory bag. And the triangle on top of the yarn? That is a bakelite and wood belt buckle. Love it

Moving on to the men's shirt section I found two Orvis trout bum shirts, two more men's silk camp shirts, and this "lovely" sweater. Well made, but  not the style of anyone in my family

Handmade intarsia, for what its worth. I can see some other grandpa sitting around the club house with this on, not SweetiePie.

Linens yielded this. At first I thought it was a full size, but tag says queen. Yes, I did see the gaping hole and it won't be gaping for much longer. There aren't any listed on ebay, at least at a reasonable price, so I can  maybe get a little more than I paid ($1).

Never leave an area that is not thoroughly scoured. Case in point.  I saw a Pentax camera in the "showcase" at the register. I had good luck with one in the past, $85 for a K1000, and I saw one sitting there just begging for a new home. But it won't be mine. They wanted $25 for the camera body with no lens. Camera just sitting there with no cover over the lens mount with who knows what getting in there. No thanks.....but wait....what is that stacked up on the other end of the shelf? Calculators? Let me see those.....

Wow they look interesting. That is $5 each with the gray one going for $2 (after I pointed out that there was no battery cover!) These look nice....let's see what is under that cover 

 Graphing calculators? Why, I believe I'll just take all of them. Thank you very much. I found a battery cover for the gray one online for $6 and bought fresh batteries and tested them and they WORK. I hope to make $200-$250 off of this lot if I time it right.

 And don't forget the free section. It was raining and one of the stores I went to had a big rolling cart outside under the entrance with free books. Most were paperback romance novels but I did find these

The cookbook is empty and is one of those that you write your own recipes and has envelopes to put clippings in. I have an orange one I got for a wedding present that is crammed full of stuff and I keep all of my family recipes in there.

The other store I went to has a huge area outside that is covered. The building was once a Southern States farm supply and they stored all kinds of animal feed in that area. They have lots of bins with everything you can imagine and some things you don't want to imagine. At the back they have about 9 bins with free stuff. You can find everything from broken mugs, toys, stuffed animals, tents, and lots of books, magazines and just stuff. I really didn't take long to dig through the bins because it was getting late and I wanted to have time to check out the stuff inside. I picked these up for free.
The Mister Rogers is kinda rough (inside is fine), but I'll ask $9.99 and it may take a while to sell. The Iceland Fisherman is a translation from a 1896 French book. The spine is in rough shape and the next to last page is torn. Currently listed, cover not like this one, for $1 to $40 for newer editions. Again, $9.99 and let it sit for a while.The practical mathematics, 7 total, I'll probably ask $9.99 for them also. And they will sit also. They aren't a complete set so I'll sell individually. So I have 9 free books that I'll list for $10 each. Not bad for free.

I spent about $80 total at both stores and hopefully I'll make between $500 and $600 on everything.

Have I mentioned how much I love to thrift?


  1. Looks like you got some really good deals! ~~Pam

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  3. Now to get everything photographed, listed and stored, plus get Christmas shopping, cleaning, baking and everything else that I need to get done. What I really need is time or a clone...