front porch trash

front porch trash

Friday, November 22, 2013


 I love thrifting!!

There I've said it. Some may say I'm addicted to thrifting, but I just love to rescue things. Things for me, things for my family and things to sell.

I love finding things that people want to get rid of. I love the whole rescue thing. Some things I rescue for me and some things I rescue for selling and some things I rescue just because.

I have seen everything from A to Z at the thrift store. Apples to Zebras and everything in between.

I've seen sculpture from someones pottery class, hey it was half off that day. And yes it sold after a while for $25.
Meet Mr. Richard Head

Hey, you would have cataracts if you were
60+ years old.
I've seen creepy dolls that my family made me put a brown paper bag over their head because they were so scary. Still for sale. A vintage composition Effanbee Lovums 25" doll.

And I've seen wooden MCM dogs that went for an unbelievable price. A Kay Bojesen teak original made in Denmark in early 50's. Sold last year after Christmas for $750

But this absolutely amazes me. I found this in the 25 cents bin of children and infant clothing. Sold it yesterday.

This baby quilt is completely cross stitched and absolutely beautiful. When I picked it up several months ago I couldn't believe what it was. It was clean, completely finished and beautiful. It started out as a pre-printed panel. But who could finish this and then donate it to a thrift store? I thought about it, a lot.
A: It was completed by someone overseas for a store display
B: Some grandmother or mother worked on this for their baby.
C: Someone received it and had no idea the hours of work that went into this and it didn't fit their decor and
     they donated it.
D: Something bad happened and the quilt wasn't needed any more.

Really, I could handle all of the reasons except D. Been there done that and don't want to go there again.

Do you ever find things, ordinary things, that absolutely amaze you and you can't believe how they got donated?


  1. That baby blanket is just too sweet! And yes, a TON of work into that! I did a counted cross-stitch blanket for my babies...started it when pregnant with one child and didn't finish it till I was pregnant with the next! I would never donate it to a thrift store! I'm thinking I might let my first grandchild coming in March use it. I never would have thought to buy (or sell) that sculpture...I need to be more open-minded! Loved your post! ~~Pam

  2. The day I purchased the "sculpture" everything was 50% off. It cost me a grand total of 38 cents. My daughter thought I was crazy, she should have known by now that I am!!

  3. that dog was an amazing sale! wow.