front porch trash

front porch trash

Monday, December 9, 2013


I was searching the big linen bin at the thrift the other day. I have a habit of grabbing a good sheet when I find it and then keep looking until I find a matching one or the pillowcase or just toss it back in the bin if I don't find a mate. Sometimes I will keep a single sheet if I think I can make enough profit.

So, I was checking out the sheets and saw this:
Sesame Street, a newer design because it has Elmo and it is still colorful. Not big bucks, but an ok find. Note to self:  find the mate to blue Sesame Street fitted sheet.

So I keep looking and don't find anything on this side of the bin and I move to the other side. First thing I see is a blue sheet and Big Bird peeking out at me. Yeah a fitted sheet to match the one I already found.

See what I did?

I didn't until I got home and was getting everything ready to go in the wash. TWO fitted sheets and no flat sheets and no pillowcases.


Does you brain work this way? I hope not.

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