front porch trash

front porch trash

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hope everyone had a great Labor Day. Mine was spent on the road and thrifting.

As has been the case for the last two years (and maybe next year!) I tagged along on my daughter, SmartA**, vacation trip to Atlanta. She went to DragonCon and I went shopping.

We rented a Nissan Sentra and believe me that baby was packed to the eyeballs. They offered me an upgrade to a larger car when I picked it up and I stayed with the Nissan. Maybe I should have upgraded and I could have gotten more stuff!!! I didn't get a shot of the car before we started pulling stuff out; but the trunk was full and the backseat was almost full. See what came out of there

This tote was loaded with fragile stuff and shoes..this is
sorted stuff  3 Vera Bradley bags, one Vera backpack,
  two Caboodles and vtg Christmas
Clothes and more clothes...some from Atlanta
and 57lbs from the outlet!
And don't forget Halloween costumes and shoes and boots

That bottom box is full of sheets. That's
8 sets of rollers, 2 tight curls from the same
store as this....

That's a Breville Espresso machine,
$349 new, and on top is a Cuisinart
Griller, a copper bottom fry pan
on the bottom
So, as you can imagine I am knee deep in stuff. I have a basket of kitchen stuff washed and ready to list and some of the things are dry clean so they will go for a tumble in the dryer. I will probably be washing for the next two week with just stuff from this trip.
Washed and ready to smile for the camera

While my SweetiePie was helping unload the car he commented on how in the world I got so much stuff in the car. I had 4 big blue IKEA bags packed with nicely folded clothes, the big box of sheets, a box with the espresso machine, the plastic tote with fragile stuff and the rest was in plastic bags and just stuffed where they fit. SmartA** had 3 blue IKEA bags with her stuff and then we had our luggage.

I think I must have put puzzles together in a former life!!!

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