front porch trash

front porch trash

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Have you every bought anything without thinking it through completely?

I was shopping on vacation and came across this lovely bag of packing peanuts

  I picked them up and popped them in my cart along with all of my other treasures. Not really thinking anything other than at $1 they were a good price, a reasonable quantity  and I'm running low on packing peanuts at home.....which is currently 600 miles away....oops!!

Flash forward to packing the car with all of this stuff . And I think I made a little, just a little, error in judgement.

Of course, for my FIRST  mistake error in judgement, its just a tiny one and I saved money!! but I have packing peanuts.
The first thing SmartA** said was, "why did you buy packing peanuts?" DUH...because I go through a lot of them shipping stuff!!

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